A Love Song for the Animals

Animals have always been my salvation in a world where I felt mistrust towards people and circumstances. Spending time with them brings me such joy and peace, and I think I’ve always known they are far wiser than they’re given credit for. I just didn’t understand how wise. They bring so many gifts and teach us so much in their short and incredibly sweet lives, and this post is to honour their spirits, and their journeys. I’ll start with the premise that animals most definitely have souls. Souls as wide as the skies and as deep as the oceans. Souls so big and loving that to contain them within their relatively tiny bodies must be a strange and laughable experience for them. Anyone who has Continue reading A Love Song for the Animals

Life Lessons from the Full Monty

If you haven’t seen The Full Monty, it’s a 1997 film about a bunch of unemployed guys in the North of England who decide that for one night, they’ll bare all to earn some quick cash. It’s a funny, and in many ways touching film about the personal, inner journeys each man takes on the way to full frontal, public nudity. Here’s a short clip of scenes from the film: There are so many ways we can learn life lessons, and at first glance this may not be the most obvious place to look. Even seemingly light-hearted films like this have as much to teach us any book written by the biggest name author. It’s just a matter of stepping back from the story of Continue reading Life Lessons from the Full Monty

The Gift of the Present, or, Enlightenment Comes in the Strangest Packages

In the past few months I’ve been moved to revelations by some of the most random and potentially non-enlightening things. The first one was a sign in my cousin’s home which read, ‘What if the Hokey Cokey Really is What it’s all About?’ I saw it once, and laughed. I saw it again, and smiled. I saw it every time I walked up the stairs and entered the room I was staying in, and then started to really think about it. You put your right hand in, you take your right hand out, you put it back in, then you shake it all about. Then you repeat this with various body parts, ending with your whole self, in and out, shaking all about. If you Continue reading The Gift of the Present, or, Enlightenment Comes in the Strangest Packages