The ABCs of Living in the Divine Feminine

Hello! This is my second video. While not what I expected (or planned?) to make, this kept nudging me. Who am I to resist? The Divine Feminine speaks in mysterious ways. I managed to find attributes for every letter of Continue reading The ABCs of Living in the Divine Feminine

2014: Show up and Shine!

My first video! Offering insight into the energy for 2014 as it feels to me. How is being of service changing as we shift into a more feminine way of being? Power lies in the simple act of showing up. Continue reading 2014: Show up and Shine!

Romancing Trust

You can find my latest post on page 40 of this week’s OM Times magazine. It examines trust as an act of surrender If you prefer to read it on the website, here’s the link: Romancing Trust Big Love, ~ Continue reading Romancing Trust

Goddess Wanted: Apply Within

At first I thought of calling this article, ‘Where the Heck is my Inner Goddess?’ but realised in a way, that question answers itself. My (Inner) Goddess is within. So why have I had such difficulty finding her? I’ve been Continue reading Goddess Wanted: Apply Within

New World Coming

Today I wanted to share something I was inspired to write a month ago, after the Super Moon and Solstice in June. I shared it with a group I’m a member of, but I never did post it to here. Continue reading New World Coming