Telling New Stories

Housesitting here by the sea, it feels healing and revitalising. I was standing on the pebbly beach today, and a message came through about our stories/patterns. Here’s how it was shown to me: Think of a handful of pebbles as Continue reading Telling New Stories

Relationships A to Z

relationships, alphabet

This is a shortened version of the full list which can be downloaded as a PDF: The ABCs of Healthy Relationships. Is it really as easy as ABC? Good relationships don’t just happen, they take attention, maturity and a willingness Continue reading Relationships A to Z

Giving and Receiving

This is part of ‘An Empath’s Guide to Narcissists’ video series. An empathic look at the energy of giving and receiving. How empaths can shut down their ‘receptivity receptors’ in abusive relationships. This leaves you in a state of disconnect Continue reading Giving and Receiving

There is Never NOT Love

This is part of ‘An Empath’s Guide to Narcissists’ video series. In this video, I examine the idea that love exists everywhere, even in the darkest moments. Our job is to find it. It may not look the way you Continue reading There is Never NOT Love

The Art of Self-appreciation


How can you find self-appreciation in a world full of reflections that want you to believe you’re not good enough? It’s important to find it, because it can reduce stress, increase well-being and engender heightened feelings of success. What is Continue reading The Art of Self-appreciation