2017: Annual Tarot Reading

annual tarot

This is an annual intuitive tarot reading for a general audience covering the year 2017. The year is divided into quarters, each covering a three-month block. I’m using the Llewellyn Tarot (by Anna-Marie Ferguson) to read the main energy, supported Continue reading 2017: Annual Tarot Reading

May 2016 Full Moon Reading

It’s been a while since I teamed up with my inner child to do a reading, and today feels like the perfect day to do it.  Things have been getting pretty serious around here lately! There’s a Full Moon coming Continue reading May 2016 Full Moon Reading

Gifts from the Eleventh Hour

This week in OM Times magazine, I examine the Eleventh Hour through the tarot. What gifts does it have for us? The article can be found on page 72. If you prefer, you can read the article on their website, Continue reading Gifts from the Eleventh Hour

Revisiting the 7 Deadly Sins

This week’s OM Times article re-examines the 7 Deadly Sins using the tarot as a tool. You can find the aticle on page 86. The link to find the website version is here: The 7 Dealy Sins through the Light Continue reading Revisiting the 7 Deadly Sins