Ascension is not Linear

I’m being reminded that the process of ascension/integration is not linear, and we cannot predict the direction it will take. If your soul has committed to the process, trust the flow. (And if you’re alive, it has). It may be Continue reading Ascension is not Linear

Examining Default Settings

Something’s been getting clearer over the past couple of days around energetic ties to fear and other ‘default’ structures. We are ALL energetic beings, yet we have forgotten much of this truth, and what it means. We’ve learned to rationalize Continue reading Examining Default Settings

Deconstructing Ownership

*First seen in Resonate emagazine Issue # 1, in May 2014 – Reprinted with permission* The Shift is underway. We’re past the point of no return, heading into the great unknown, and there’s some collective fear and anxiety around the Continue reading Deconstructing Ownership

Resistance truly is Futile

Happy Friday! I’ve been having some deeper revelations around shifting into our multidimensional selves. It involves a kind of joyful abandon in accepting everything in our experience as the perfect next step, no matter how it might ‘appear.’ Appearances, fears, Continue reading Resistance truly is Futile