The Gift of Sensitivity

I just wanted to share a note on sensitivity today. It’s come as a reminder that being highly sensitive becomes normalised, just like anything else. And we are becoming increasingly sensitive all the time, we just may be adjusting so Continue reading The Gift of Sensitivity

Are you Picking Up what I’m Throwing Down?

This is part of ‘An Empath’s Guide to Narcissists’ video series. This video talks about discernment, choice and not picking up toxic shit (or thrwoing it down). Learn to only pick up the pieces that are resonant with you and Continue reading Are you Picking Up what I’m Throwing Down?

Boundaried Self-love

I’ve recently joined something called the Wisdom Bloggers Sisterhood, which is a group of women bloggers joining forces to cover a specific topic each month. November is all about creative self love, using Cheryl Bridges’ book ‘28 Days of Creative Continue reading Boundaried Self-love