Giving and Receiving

I’ve just had a deeper understanding around the idea that giving is a gift for the giver and the receiver. On an energetic level, when we give a gift, the gift for us is in receiving its reception. This happens on many levels of our being, and can be very subtle. It happens without our conscious awareness – we CANNOT give without receiving. We CAN, however, manipulate this, and give in order to receive, which distorts the process by adding a subtle imbalance to it. This might happen if the giver is in a state of constriction or lack, feeling that their survival is at stake without the receiving of ____(whatever they seek)____. What this does is add value judgements of reciprocity or exchange to Continue reading Giving and Receiving

Gifts from the Eleventh Hour

This week in OM Times magazine, I examine the Eleventh Hour through the tarot. What gifts does it have for us? The article can be found on page 72. If you prefer, you can read the article on their website, here: Lessons from the Eleventh Hour Big Love, ~ Jenny <3 *If you’d like a personal tarot reading to look at the energy at play in your life, check out my Intuitive Tarot.*

Death (Take 2)

Why is death such a feared topic? Apart from life, it is the one thing we all have in common. Yet there it is, the final destination, the thing we love to dread and dread to love. This post has taken me weeks to write, because I resisted it and avoided it, as if it were death itself. Of course, death cannot be put off forever, and neither can this post. In fact it has become two separate posts, connected but different, so the gift of death just keeps on giving. I’ve seen a fair bit of death in my life; father, grandparents, aunt, uncle, pets, friends, classmates, strangers, neighbours, relationships, dreams, etc. While I may not have at the time, I now understand the Continue reading Death (Take 2)