A Different Presence

This morning while out on my morning walk with the dogs, I felt a new emerging presence. I don’t mean the presence of something external, I mean presence as in total embodiment. It feels connected to yesterday’s Taurus New Moon Continue reading A Different Presence

The Art of Self-appreciation


How can you find self-appreciation in a world full of reflections that want you to believe you’re not good enough? It’s important to find it, because it can reduce stress, increase well-being and engender heightened feelings of success. What is Continue reading The Art of Self-appreciation

Joy and Pleasure

This is part of ‘An Empath’s Guide to Narcissists’ video series. One of the common symptoms and experiences post-abuse is the inability to feel joy (clinical term anhedonia). How do you reawaken your enchantment for life and your joy? Be Continue reading Joy and Pleasure

Happiness Begins Within

Happiness is inherent to humans, yet at times, can feel so elusive. How is it that it can seem so difficult to attain something we’re all born with the capacity to feel? There are many external factors that can appear Continue reading Happiness Begins Within

Your Inner Child Loves You

Your Inner Child is the part of you that keeps you tapped into the magic in life. She’ll be distracted by squirrels and kittens and butterflies in the middle of a supposedly serious moment. He connects you with the joy, Continue reading Your Inner Child Loves You