Falling in Love with Life

We’re heading into a weekend that ends one month and ushers in a brand new one. There is a whole lot of change happening at so many levels, and if you’re feeling exhausted, emotional or overwhelmed, do whatever you need Continue reading Falling in Love with Life

Gratitude and Celebration

My latest post, ‘Gratitude is a Celebration of Life,’ is in this week’s OM Times magazine. You can find it on page 28. You can also read it on OM Times’ website here. Big Love, ~ Jenny <3

Everything is your Teacher

From an early age we’re sent off, lunchboxes in hand, to institutions of learning where we’re taught all the things our parents and elders feel will make us ‘good citizens’ and ‘proper people.’ Somewhere along the way we disconnect form Continue reading Everything is your Teacher

Death (Take 2)

Why is death such a feared topic? Apart from life, it is the one thing we all have in common. Yet there it is, the final destination, the thing we love to dread and dread to love. This post has Continue reading Death (Take 2)

A Meditation on Death (and Life)

The Beginning (birth) For me, walking is meditation. I walk and walk and my mind goes blissfully blank, and then it starts to fill with all kinds of inspiration and ideas. A couple of weeks ago, I was happily walking Continue reading A Meditation on Death (and Life)