Honour your Process

Here’s a story about how my week went 🙂 There are a lot of changes happening, and lots of expansion. This is for me personally and as a collective. There’s also a big and beautiful Full Moon coming up this Continue reading Honour your Process

A Different Presence

This morning while out on my morning walk with the dogs, I felt a new emerging presence. I don’t mean the presence of something external, I mean presence as in total embodiment. It feels connected to yesterday’s Taurus New Moon Continue reading A Different Presence

The Big Picture

Okay, it’s getting clearer and clearer all the time… sometimes the big picture is SO much bigger than we could have imagined that we think we’ve lost sight of it somewhere along the way. In fact, when you get glimpses Continue reading The Big Picture

The Beauty of Presence

What does it mean to ‘be present’ and ‘live in the now’? Let’s break it down. The past is made up of a series of moments in history that no longer exist as they were. The future is a catalogue Continue reading The Beauty of Presence

When I Forget I am Magic

When I forget I am a creature of magic forged in the diamond fires of stardust and sunshine… I feel confused and only partially alive. When I forget that I can create moments of exquisite beauty in the blink of Continue reading When I Forget I am Magic