Unmasking Ourselves

My latest post on OM Times’ website explores the idea of masks along with the concept of duality. Are we here to transcend it, or to integrate all the pieces of our magical humanness to grow as well-rounded beings through all our experiences? You can find the post here: The Masks of Duality. Big Love, ~ Jenny <3

Many-faceted Love

I was cleaning a bathtub not long ago at a housesit, when I had a transcendant experience. In that moment, I was transported to a place (or more like an understanding) where everything that exists is love. It was difficult to articulate in words that make sense here, in this dimension, because it was so expansive and magnificent, and the feeling was soon replaced by the physical experience of being here. The article that came of the experience can be found on OM Times’ website, here: The Many Facets of Love. Big Love, ~ Jenny <3

Relationships in the New Paradigm

My latest post in OM Times magazine is called ‘Relationships in the New Paradigm.’ It can be found on page 76 of this week’s issue. If you prefer reading it online, you can find it here. It was also translated into Romanian and featured on Astrocafe. Big Love, ~ Jenny <3

Emergence and Surrender

As we shift into spring (in the Northern Hemisphere), spring is on my mind. I wrote this post about spring and emergence as an act of surrender. You can read it on OM Times’ website here: Emergence as an Act of Surrender. Big Love, ~ Jenny  

Money: Chase or Follow

This week’s post in OM Times magazine considers the idea that money and love are the same energy. You can read it on page 94. If you’d prefer to read it on the website, here’s the direct link: Money: Do you Case or do you Follow? This post was originally used as a contribution to Joy Holland’s exploration of money on Facets of Joy (Sept. 2013). You can find that here. Big Love, ~ Jenny <3