Honour your Courage

I was out for a walk this week with the dogs and ran into a woman taking some photos. Of course I started talking, because that’s what I do. In the course of the conversation, we were sharing some of Continue reading Honour your Courage

Building Healthier Relationships

What does the word ‘relationship’ really mean? You’re connected to everyone and everything; in other words, you’re in relationship with everything in existence. The world is a mirror, into which you look and observe yourself experiencing. Fun, eh? Breaking this Continue reading Building Healthier Relationships

The Devil made me Do It

This is part of ‘An Empath’s Guide to Narcissists’ video series. Examining the idea that something outside of us has control over us. We can be influenced by (and influence) things or people; ultimately control (and responsibility) lies within. Big Continue reading The Devil made me Do It


This is part of ‘An Empath’s Guide to Narcissists’ video series. A take on responsibility and its importance in the healing process. I also look at the idea that the concept of responsibility can become distorted through these toxic relationships. Continue reading Responsibility

Independence, Co-dependence and Interdependence

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend (some were long weekends) and are feeling positive about the new month ahead. There is definitely expansion happening, and we may be called to be more visible or Continue reading Independence, Co-dependence and Interdependence