2017: Annual Tarot Reading

This is an annual intuitive tarot reading for a general audience covering the year 2017. The year is divided into quarters, each covering a three-month block.

I’m using the Llewellyn Tarot (by Anna-Marie Ferguson) to read the main energy, supported by Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards (by Doreen Virtue) to offer guidance and possible attitudes or actions to take. I begin the reading by pulling a Goddess Guidance Oracle card (by Doreen Virtue) to offer a theme for the year, which permeates the energy of each quarter and gives an idea of the overarching imprint for 2017.

Theme(s) for the year:

Affirmation: You are Radiant

Goddess card: Oonagh (Easy Does It) ‘There is no need to hurry or force things to happen. Everything is occurring in perfect timing.’

annual tarot
From: The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue (various artists)

This card speaks directly to the fact that this is a One Year in a brand new nine-year cycle. This is just the beginning, as we’ve spent the past year clearing away old patterning and structures that were no longer serving our expansion, now we can begin to plant new seeds.

Oonagh reminds us not to rush the process – it may feel like slow going, but seeds take time to blossom.

Be vigilant in your energetic output.

The affirmation ties in, as well – radiate, express and emanate; don’t force your way of being/doing on others but shine from within yourself. Allow the flow of all things to intermingle, creating a tapestry of beauty and joy.

While things may appear to be the same on the surface, your inner world has transformed. Trust the process of change you’ve been through to guide your choices and behaviour. This is the new.

First Quarter (January/February/March):

Tarot card: 10 of Wands

annual tarot
From: The Llewellyn Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson

This feels like a residual energy from 2016 – almost as if we haven’t yet realised that the burdens we’ve been carrying through the last nine-year cycle can be put down.

It may take a few months to get used to the feelings of freedom that have arisen as a result of all the letting go we’ve done.

We are at the tail end of a Mercury Retrograde period that began in mid-December, and that carries forth through this month. So if it feels like a slow start, or feels like there’s an echo of old patterns kicking around, go with it.

Don’t over-analyse or assume there’s more to heal or release, just allow it to fall away as the months progress.

As you introduce new habits, ways of being, and perspectives, you’ll see the inner changes reflected without.

Remember what the theme of the year is – easy does it. Don’t push, allow. Flow is key to ease and harmony.

annual tarot, meditation
From: Healing with the Angels oracle deck by Doreen Virtue (various artists)

Angel card: Meditation

This is a reminder to take time to re-align your energetic integrity frequently. Stay tuned in to your inner knowing and trust the guidance you receive.

Temper outer work with down time and solitude. Connect to your SELF, first, and go out into the world feeling whole and autonomous.

Bring your focus back to your heart, and to your breath. Let external chaos ensue, while you stay tapped into peace.

Second Quarter (April/May/June):

Tarot card: 9 of Wands

annual tarot
From: The Llewellyn Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson

I love that the first two cards are a 10 and a 9. Very significant – 10/1 is an ending and a beginning all rolled into one. A 9 is a culmination of energy that in this case reminds us of what we’ve left behind.

Before you become, you have to un-become whatever went before. The main word I hear is integration.

A huge part of the nine year cycle we’ve just finished was working through collective and individual stories aligned with the victim/martyr paradigm. Exploring the duality of experiences that contributed to imbalance. Now we’ve done a huge amount of clearing and shifting, are we still tied to the old story in any way?

The image in the card draws attention to the man, who is bandaged and standing just ahead of eight wands. This to me, says focus on what you’ve learned from the battles and wounds, NOT on the wounds themselves.

How do you go forward fearlessly, in your bandaged and slightly tired state, to embrace a whole new way of being? Can you amalgamate all the lessons into one wand, which you carry as support? Not banging the drum of the old story, but using the old story to fuel your passions in how to create beauty from the so-called wreckage.

Angel card: Harmony

annual tarot
From: Healing with the Angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue (various artists)

Beautiful! This ties in with the first quarter and with the idea that inner peace leads to outer peace. Can you stay aligned in your own freedom, peace and integrity while all you see around you is disruption?

Think of harmony in terms of music – a chord is made up of disparate notes, just as a symphony is made up of multiple instruments playing parts of a larger melody. If you focussed on the differences, you’d hear chaos; instead you hear magic. This is the way of The Universe – chaos translated into harmony.

It also speaks more individually to the idea of finding your unique song. I hear Mama Cass stepping in with ‘Make your Own Kind of Music’. Your contribution to the divine harmony of the Universe is also your piece of chaos. And it is a VITAL piece – the tapestry we weave as a collective needs every thread.

Third Quarter (July/August/September):

Tarot card: The Universe (21)

annual tarot
From: The Llewellyn Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson

This card represents graduation, ascension, and stepping into wholeness in a new way. By the middle of this one year, we begin to feel a different kind of freedom, as if we have started to embody the changes we’ve worked so hard for.

There has been great releasing both on individual and collective levels, and now you will be practising the art of shining in your own way, while honouring the gifts and specialness of all around you.

As each being embraces wholeness and their unique contribution to All That Is, we open ourselves up to accepting the differences of others from a place of serenity and unconditionality.

Celebrate the beauty of the chaotic symphony and what it teaches you.

Angel card: Serenity

annual tarot
From: Healing with the Angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue (various artists)

Wow! This is the third quarter with a very similar message – serenity is within, first. Focus on your vibrational emanation and allow yourself to SHINE.

This speaks directly to the message from Oonagh, who provided the theme for the year. Relax and express the truth of your heart. Don’t push but allow for flow.

Generate serenity within and externals will not interfere with your desire for peace and joy. The tarot card this quarter also suggests ways to feel more serene – allow others to have their experience and honour your differences as aspects of a greater whole.

See the world and all things in it as mirrors for your expansion, not competition or reasons to fight.

Look to the ‘small’ things to show you where serenity lies. Nature provides many clues. Stay connected within to build stronger connections without.

Fourth Quarter (October/November/December):

Tarot card: The Star (17)

annual tarot
From: The Llewellyn Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson

Wow. You can’t make this stuff up. What did I just say about shining? The Star encourages you to recognise the beautiful impact you have on the world, just as a star lights up the night sky.

As the chaos of the symphony creates beauty, the randomness of the night sky paints a breathtaking picture. You are no less magical than the individual stars.

It is time to recognise and embrace your magnificence and really SHINE! It feels like you’ve had opportunities to practice over the past few years, and last year cleared out whatever was impeding your capacity to glow your brightest.

Now you are shining from a different understanding of who you are, without putting others’ needs ahead of your own or waiting for them to catch up with you. You do everyone a disservice by dimming your light.

Give yourself this gift. Really BE the you you came here to be.

annual tarot
From: The Healing with the Angels Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue (various artists)

Angel card: Focus

Your focus is YOU: your joy, your purpose, your capacity for love and compassion, your passions, your unique magic. You. Focus on emanating that truth in the world and see how things fall into place.


Any burdens of the old are echoes of past experiences and have no bearing on this moment. They have helped you to become, in divine timing, to express yourself as you are now.

So much magic.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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