A Return to Eden

Happy Wednesday! I had some insights while having tea this morning and thought I’d share them with you.

‘The Shift’ is about returning to a state of innocence – the state described in biblical terms as the Garden of Eden. A return to nakedness on ALL levels – heart, soul and essence. Releasing the ties to the structures that we believe define or limit us and meeting one another without walls and barriers constructed over millennia to keep us ‘safe’ and protected.

There is nothing to be protected from, because all is Love, even the stuff we’ve been taught to believe is something other than Love. Every moment, every action, every iota of creation has contributed to this moment, and we are exactly where we need to be, individually and as a collective.

Taking sides, good vs evil, us vs them, perpetuates the illusion of separation. Allow everything to be a step towards wholeness, and feel it in your bones. Things don’t have to feel ‘good’ all the time to have value or to be right. Sometimes the most challenging experiences are the ones with the greatest potential for growth.

The idea that we must act in defense of ‘good’ is part of the old structures which keep us enslaved. We can observe, with the knowledge that every being has made a soul-level choice to contribute in the way that will create the desired effect on a collective level. Act or don’t act, both are valid choices.

We are shifting, and have been since the inception of life on this planet. Time is not a linear concept, and it has been feeling particularly circular lately. It’s been fascinating to watch the ‘closing’ of circles that apparently began years ago, with the conscious awareness that the experiences at the time were so divinely orchestrated that the gifts would be revealed at exactly the right time.

Trust that this is true in your life as well as on a universal scale. Everything has a purpose and a gift. And everything is a part of the divine orchestration leading us to a more essential expression.

May your day be filled with magic!

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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