A Love Song for the Animals

Animals have always been my salvation in a world where I felt mistrust towards people and circumstances. Spending time with them brings me such joy and peace, and I think I’ve always known they are far wiser than they’re given credit for. I just didn’t understand how wise.

They bring so many gifts and teach us so much in their short and incredibly sweet lives, and this post is to honour their spirits, and their journeys.

I’ll start with thfile9351247069428e premise that animals most definitely have souls.

Souls as wide as the skies and as deep as the oceans. Souls so big and loving that to contain them within their relatively tiny bodies must be a strange and laughable experience for them. Anyone who has gazed into the eyes of an animal for longer than a moment has hopefully seen the truth of this.

As humans have their unique and Divine purposes, so do animals, each depending on their individual contracts and the lessons they can best teach. In some cases, the lesson is one of a collective nature, that provides the beings that interact with them an opportunity to grow and find the gifts in themselves.

I’ve written about this before, in June of last year, during a time when the energiesbegan to shift more intensely into the Feminine and I was overcome by grief and rage Kali herself would have been proud of. Here’s an excerpt from that article entitled, ‘There is no Such Thing as a Dumb Animal.

‘As we incarnate into each lifetime, we make a decision as to which form we will take, and we know the lessons we are here to learn and teach.

Do not be so presumptuous as to believe that just because we can fashion a gun out of some metal and fill it with bullets that the animals we hunt and kill are not complicit in their death, and the manner of it. They come here to teach us huge lessons about ourselves, our role, and the nature of One-ness.

What we do to each other, we do to ourselves. As we continue to rape our Mother and kill off the children of the Earth, we destroy pieces of our collective soul which cannot be reclaimed. We have done sufficient damage to the planet, and it is time, past time, to begin to set things right.

Treat every living thing with reverence, knowing that their decision to be available to you in whatever form they arrive is of their own volition.’

I feel frustration and sadness at the way in which humans have taken so much from the Earth and its creatures, denying them the right to exist in their way alongside our ideas of how it should be. All for the pursuit of the rational or intellectual advancement of mankind.

I want to scream and rail at the sky and the gods, crying rivers of tears for the way we’ve spoiled our home for us and the beings with whom we share it. But to what end?

Better to celebrate the things we’ve learned and appreciated, no matter how small and insignificant we feel or appear.

Better to sing our praises to the birds, bees and other creatures that provide us with joy, love and so, so many lessons.

Better to leave the planet knowing that we saw and acknowledged the sacrifices they’ve made for us which contribute to our communal advancement.

 So what can we learn from animals?

We can learn about Love, with a capital L, the Divine kind. They give it freely, unconditionally and fiercely, not worrying whether it will be returned to them in the same form, or even at all.

We can learn about BEing, with a capital BE, the kind where you don’t have to do anything in order to be enough, or right, or perfect. The kind that involves accepting yourself and others just as they are; simply showing up is enough.

We can learn that there is always a choice, even if that choice means death. Trust that whatever happens in an animal’s life is through their choice, in order to teach us a valuable lesson. They reflect to us our pain, cruelty and hatred in equal quantities as our gentleness, joy and love.

We can learn about sacrifice, in the grander scheme of things, knowing that entire species have become extinct in order to show us just how unsustainable some of our ways are. Their energy, memory and souls live on and have made enormous contributions to the awakening and growth of humanity, through their courageous acts of sacrifice.

We can learn about play, and its importance in daily life. Watfile7441241463483ch any animal for a few minutes and there’s always a game, sometimes even in the middle of something more ‘serious’ like hunting or bathing. The best work is done with an attitude of joy and lightness, and involves teaching the younger members of the group important lessons. And sometimes you have to play to the extreme, giving it your all before falling into an exhausted heap of total satisfaction.

We can learn about unspoken communication, and how a look has enormous power to express huge amounts of beauty and love. We can connect on an energetic level with the animals in our lives and learn to read their moods, needs and feelings. And we can do this with each other – stop using our voices to express endless thoughts, and instead look deeply into each others’ souls and act accordingly.

We can learn to love ourselves, as the animals in our lives stay with us through the darkest moments and the most challenging of times, offering us their undying support and comfort. They don’t pass judgement on our ‘ugly crying’ or ferocious anger. They stay by us to provide a safe haven in stormy seas, an anchor in the darkness. They don’t leave when it becomes too real, or too exhausting, or too __insert appropriate modifier here___.

We can learn to let go of the small stuff (it’s as easy as batting off a hand that’s stayed too long on your belly) and move quickly back into a state of calm. They teach us to move on from perceived slights, not holding on to the heaviness of grudges which only hurt us.

We can learn to Trust, with a capital T, the kind where you know without a doubt that you will not go wanting. If the bowl runs dry, there are other ways – mice to catch or rabbits to chase. Love just is, in abundance, and there is no question of deserving.

Sing your songs of gratitude to the creatures we share the Earth with.

They have agreed to every piece of this journey, knowing what the outcome might be. They have lived and loved along side us since time began, and with their help we’ve developed medicines, explored space, ploughed the land, eaten, and moved into a state of heightened awakening. Without them we would be lesser creatures, and diminished in Light.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

This is my darling cat (and Master Spirit), Andy, who was the one constant thing in my life for fifteen challenging years. He taught me to love with an open heart, and to live in the energy of trust and hope. Even in death, he continued to teach me, by accepting his passing with such dignity, grace and enthusiasm, knowing that the separation we feel is really not the truth of existence. I miss his soft ears and gentle purrs, and his extreme fondness for cheese.


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  1. Yes! to the message and feel of what you are sharing in this piece.

    The kids and I often visit a local rescue farm. Each animal has a horrendous story and my heart breaks knowing the pain they must have felt; yet, here they are now in a safe place learning to love and trust people again. (I understand heart wounds of people as well, and I understand they must be in pain to inflict such pain). My son stays all day in the horse barn, petting each one and talking to them, learning their personalities – so attentive. My daughter and I go to each animal in the farm sharing whatever they wish to share. What I “takeaway” is that ability to love and trust again – it’s possible, when we allow it to be so…and it affirms that, yes, love matters – in thought, word and action.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Joy!

      What a great way to spend a day, walking among the animals and learning from them. I love that it’s something you can all share together and really enjoy. Animals really do each have something unique to bring, just as we do, and if we allow them the opportunity to express it, we always learn something.

      Big Love,

  2. LOL – the one point I might have to disagree with is about cats moving on from slights and not holding grudges. I’ve been given ‘the cold back’ on many occasions. While typically not for long, once upon returning from a near three week vacation ‘the cold back’ was delivered for several days to ensure the displeasure was fully ingrained. When a cat is mad at you, there is no doubt.

    Life without animals is near unimaginable. They bring to Light all you have expressed so we may live more richly and more deeply than we could with only ourselves. They are the unconditionality we seek and are here all along waiting for us to see.

    Empowering words Jenny!

    • Thanks, Lorraine!

      Oh, yes, I’d forgotten about the cold back. Andy was especially good at that 🙂 It usually only happened when I returned from a trip, though, and not for the ‘small’ slights of too much belly rubbing, or invading his personal space when he wasn’t in the mood… Those he seemed to move on from quite quickly.

      I know what you mean about life without animals. After Andy, I was animal-less for about two years, and it was a very different and lonelier time, even though I shared it with people. I’m loving housesitting, where I get to spend time with so many different ones, with all their personality quirks and uniqueness.

      I appreciate your comments!

      Big Love,

  3. Jenny, this is such a powerful post. Animals are such a gift to us, though I hadn’t thought of all these beautiful and different ways in which they grace our lives.

    I love the idea of animals having choice on a soul level – such a reassuring thought. They are so wise and intuitive. When one of our cats passed away, the other one stayed by my side for hours and hours, sensing that I needed the comfort – and I’m sure needing it too.

    We have so much to learn from animals… especially the idea of being okay just BEing.

    Thank you so much for this post! <3

    • Thank you, Christine!

      I had a similar experience when I had to have one of my four cats (at the time) put down. I felt so much grief and guilt over making that decision, and could barely get out of bed. All three of my other cats stayed with me the whole time, quietly purring, like a little symphony. It was rare that they would all be together without fighting, so I knew it was something pretty special they were giving me.

      It’s times like that that I almost laugh at our human ‘intelligence.’ 🙂 We have so much to learn…

      Thank you for your comment!

      Big Love,

  4. Beautiful post, Jenny.
    I really enjoyed reading your post as I feel a close communion and connection with everything you share. Having always had that special bond with animals myself and growing up with them I know how much love they emanate and each having a unique message to share. (Just as I write this my cat Rita enters) Animals are our closest friends and the most loving beings in the world. By being in their presence we are blessed by their beauty and joy.
    Big love to Andy and to you xx
    Have a beautiful New Year

    • Thank you so much, Ana!

      I feel the same connection to you and your work 🙂 Animals truly are wonderful at expressing love by simply being with us, aren’t they? How fantastic that they agree to share their lives with us! I feel really blessed.

      Big Love,

  5. Sweet! I especially love the part on TRUST!
    Not only do animals offer us a profound understanding of trust, but it is so deeply ingrained in their spirits, that doubt and lack are non-existent (except, I will interject, in some of the more domesticated/loyal/energetically empathetic ones who “take on” our human projections).
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Veronica!

      It is incredible, isn’t it? I agree with you about the ones that take on our energetic projections – I had a friend who was an animal communicator and she saw numerous animals develop medical conditions that directly reflected the dis-ease of their human counterparts. And that is all part of their divine gift to us, to walk alongside us and take on our stuff – even if we tried to ask them not to, they would. So the ones who take on our stuff do it as a way to lighten our energetic loads, whether it’s doubt, disease or something else we’re carrying. Amazing!

      Big Love to you, and I appreciate your comment!

  6. Oh I just loved every word of this. It really helps me to know that the animal has a choice when some of these terrible things go on, otherwise it’s almost too hard to bear. Your beautiful Andy reminds me of Kaos, also at Rainbow Bridge. They do teach us so much but most people aren’t listening. Will definitely be sharing this!

    • Thank you so much, Leanne! It does help to know they have a choice on a soul level, doesn’t it? And that whatever we do to them we do to ourselves, because they’re there to reflect the truth back to us, lovingly. What a gift!

      Andy was so beautiful, and I find myself still missing his huge physical presence sometimes, even after four years 🙂

      I always appreciate sharing – thank you!

      Big Love,

  7. This is beautiful Jenny, I laughed at the picture of the cow it reminded me of when I was 6 and I walked among a heard of cows much to my parents horror to ask them if they would like to play football with me! 🙂

    • Thank you, Sam!

      They probably would have liked to play football with you 🙂 I had a friend whose cows loved to play with a ball – they’d kick it around and chase it. It’s only our preconceived ideas of who and what they are that limits them in our minds. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Big Love,

  8. Jenny, that is one exquisite post! I can feel your passion and love towards animals and it makes me feel warmth around my heart. I am glad to see that you are using your writing skills to promote the awareness about animals, and what they really are. Little bit over a year ago I became a vegan, for the same reasons you mention in this post. They Do have Souls, they DO have feelings, they Are intelligent, they Do have a wisdom, and all that we believe that makes us human different from them; more superior. Our superiority is totally false, and the root of most of our problems. Thank you again, for the post.

    • Thank you, Elzbieta!

      I guess it feels nice to give voice to what feels like a deep truth, when they themselves can’t. It’s hard to spend time with any animal without feeling a little more connected to the Oneness that exists outside of our carefully constructed realities.

      Big Love,

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