About the Power of Change

Photo by Rosemary Despres

Welcome, beautiful wanderer. I’m so happy you’re here.

Your soul’s journey has begun. You’ve heard the call and felt the urge to explore, wherever it takes you. You’ve taken leaps of faith and great risks to find the thread connecting you to something more expansive than you can sense with your physical being.

There is so much more.

You are a soul explorer, a mystic seeking the truth no matter the cost; a courageous Warrior of Love, who knows vulnerability is the path to your greatest strength, and that the familiar, easy path only leads to soul death.

You sense the price you’re being asked to pay and do it anyway because your true nature is calling to you. Something in you wants to be heard, seen, and brought out of hiding into the light.

You’re seeking your Self, and nothing can stop you. When you feel the call, you know. Without wholeness and balance, life feels empty and half-lived.

What you seek is within you, and without. It is reflected to you in the people you meet and places you go, asking you to feel the truth deep in your bones and step boldly into it. What you seek is you.

The journey begins with change. Something in you begins to feel trapped or limited where you are as if you don’t fit, or nothing fits you. You know, with every fibre of your being, that something other than this exists; this reality is not the whole truth.

Once you say yes to the adventure, you surrender to changes that will rock your world. They’ll take you from one way of being to something that feels like a whole new life. A life designed especially for you, by you.

Take the first step. Say yes to you.

About Jenny

Photo by Rosemary DespresI am a writer, adventurer and highly sensitive intuitive. You can find my writing in OM Times Magazine, on Rebelle Society, the Global Love Project, and in numerous other publications and collaborations.

I have a BA in Anthropology (University of Victoria), an MSc in Human and Behavioural Sciences (Universiteit van Amsterdam), and an MSc in Social Anthropology (University of Edinburgh).

I hold Level II Usui Reiki and have been reading tarot for fifteen years.

My life is a testament to the power of change, which is how this website came to be. I love change and the power it has to initiate growth. It was through embracing the process of transformation in my life that I have come to more deeply know and love myself. Change is life; it is dynamic, healing and expansive.

The first indication I was hearing the call was that I fell apart. It was a painfully beautiful opening that triggered the search for deeper meaning. I’ve been following that thread for over a decade, moving frequently, writing, exploring, loving, letting go, walking, connecting and reinventing my life and my Self.

What I do here

One of my strengths is gently pointing you to blocks you’ve hidden from yourself, guiding you to new perspectives and solutions. I intuitively see the structures in play that are limiting you or contributing to your stuckness. My focus is on your empowerment, your self-mastery, and your expansion as a sensitive and empathic soul.

I do this in a number of ways, including intuitive mentoring, tarot readings and through eCourses. Please check out my Work With Me page to find what best suits your needs.

You’re always welcome to contact me for a complimentary Insight session to assess your unique needs.

Embodied Wisdom

Photo by Rosemary DespresThe power that nature has to connect us to our souls is immense, and an essential part of the adventure. It awakens an understanding that we’re all vital pieces of a larger whole, partners in the dance of life. The Earth has inspired many occasions for me to reflect on this. I’ve walked thousands of miles on this beautiful planet, connecting to its wisdom through my feet and my heart.

From Sept 2013 to March 2019 I lived as a house and pet sitter, a service which I offered for free, primarily around the UK. This meant a great deal of movement and constant change. It gave me the opportunity to release old patterns around what home means or has meant, and establish a more deeply embodied sense of who I am which I carry with me to every new home. It also meant learning a deep trust in myself and the unknown, as each new sit offered an opportunity to embrace mystery.

In those five years, I slept in 145 beds and walked thousands of miles, with dogs and without, integrating the movement as I shifted and explored and learned. Each home came with its unique lessons and the interactions I had with the people and pets helped me shift old relationship habits, deeply rooted trauma and outdated stories.

Money can be a sensitive subject (especially for empaths and other sensitives) and yet is an energy that supports us in this dimension. As we learn to heal our relationship to it, we heal the planet. You can see some of my insights into money on OM Times magazine, such as Money and Spirituality in the New Paradigm (which was also translated into Romanian by Astrocafe).

For four decades, I experienced narcissistic abuse in both familial and intimate relationships and explored how my own unhealed wounds contributed to repetition of that pattern. Dealing with narcissists has also taught me a great deal about the importance of self-responsibility and self-love. This personal exploration has led me to a deeper understanding of collectively-held patterns of narcissism associated with old patriarchal structures. I believe this is part of what we are here to shift as a collective.

The Divine Feminine has been calling to me to more openly express the wisdom of the feminine as a great re-balancing takes place in our world. I’ve explored this energy from a variety of perspectives. I suggest Reba Linker’s video series on the Divine Feminine as a great place to begin with this energy. You might also enjoy this articles on Rebelle Society: I Will not Bend.