Absolute Presence

There is no resistance in absolute presence. There can’t be, because it’s new in each moment.

Resistance is a build up from past experience – like a memory or echo of a situation that has gone before, and left an imprint. By holding someone or something in a past state, the ability to respond to what actually IS, is impeded. It can result in stagnation and looping – as if the past is still active in the present.

Presence is a moment by moment process. It allows for new truths to be built around currently existing facts and circumstances, without the echoes of the past creating resistance to the infinite potential in each new moment.

Of course it’s tied in to letting go (one of my favourite things!) and the importance of surrendering to the flow. Resistance results in judgement whereas presence results in observation.

Observation ties into discernment – which is a present-focussed way of assessing resonance/dissonance. Is someone who behaved abusively to you in the past actually still behaving abusively (ie, is calling them abusive true right now)? Is a job or relationship that once supported you so well still supporting you well or has it become a habit and a safety net?

Decisions made in a state of absolute presence will lead to creative outcomes and possibility. There is no room for blame there, because the resonance (or dissonance) is an indication of your connectedness to your truth. It is a full-body (ALL bodies) knowing of what is right for you in that moment. And the knowing that it can change at any moment.

You alone have the choice and the responsibility to step into this presence for you. No one else can do it for you, and you cannot do it for another.

The letting go and the stepping in are one and the same – a confluence of energy like the centre point of the figure eight (or infinity symbol). You release one half of the figure to step into the next one, and they merge to create a new whole. Okay, that makes sense – absolute presence is the centre point, where you can stand and choose the (unknown) potential of the future or to rewalk the past, looping ad infinitum.

Ah, okay, and this ties in to the annual reading, where the card for this Third Quarter is The Universe (21), representing graduation. Finishing up those final exams and stepping out into the world with the past integrated into your new Self, emerging as a graduate, and expecting things to be different because you are seeing them differently.


Wishing you a magical, expansive day and month ahead!

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3