Abundance is your Birthright

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Abundance has become a catchphrase in certain circles; creating it, accessing it, increasing it…

What exactly is it, and how do you tap into it?

Abundance is not just about monetary wealth, it is acknowledgement of a state of fruitfulness in all areas of your life.

It can be increased by drawing attention to the already existing abundance in your current experience. There is always abundance; it is a matter of focus.

Think about a mountain of (perhaps unwanted) debt. That is an abundance of debt. It may not be what you’d like to see as abundance, but unless you can see all aspects of it, you won’t be able to draw on that energy to increase the stuff you do want more of. So, try to view the concept as a neutral experience, rather than a positive or negative. It is simply an aspect of existence.

To bring your focus to abundance, think about what exists around you that you may be overlooking. How many hairs are on your head? How many breaths do you take in a day? That is abundance. An infinite number of things exist in your daily experience that are perfect examples of abundance.

You can shift the perception of lack in your life by focussing on things that exist in great quantities. Think of a tree, filled with leaves or needles. Imagine the beach, covered in sand or pebbles. The ocean, filled with infinite drops of water, forms one great abundant body.

Do you have many outstanding bills? Think of all the things you now have that contributed to the accumulation of those bills. You’re surrounded by four walls, furniture, clothes, heating, hot water; all the things you need are at your fingertips, or within your capacity to access.

Even if you live sparsely, in a state of near-ascetic simplicity, there is abundance surrounding you. As I write this, there are over 7 billion, 400 million people on the planet! That’s a whole lot of potential new friends, each and every day. There are 196 countries to visit in seven continents scattered across the earth. A human body has many trillion cells, each one with its own purpose! There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 52 weeks in a year; that’s an abundance of time for you to enjoy!

It’s always within your grasp to find and recognize abundance in your life. By defining it in too narrow a way, you limit the potential for its expansion. Be willing to look at it from every angle: exploring the abundance of pain after a breakup or loss; acknowledging a mountain of debt as abundance; seeing how the concept is ever-present in your experience on Earth. Recognize that the cloud of mosquitoes around your head is an abundance of annoying, blood-sucking pests.

Once you’re able to acknowledge that it exists everywhere, you can shift your focus to the abundance you prefer to see. If you pay off a debt, you can celebrate that you now have an opportunity to see abundance from a different angle. You can begin to create pathways to the things you want by acknowledging where you may have been focussing on an abundance of the things you didn’t want.

Life will always greet you where you are. Abundance is your birthright; this is true for every being on the planet. Your having something does not mean another must go without. If you tap into your ability to focus on and create more of what you desire, others will use that as an example to do the same in their lives.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

* I am the author of this post. You may find the original, which was used with my permission, without attribution, on Your Earth Angel (yourearthangel.com) *

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