Annual Intuitive Tarot

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To me, annual readings feel like a comfort blanket of sorts to have along as the year progresses.

The intuitive tarot I do is descriptive more than predictive – it offers an energetic overview of each month and how you might use that to your advantage.

The cards trigger channelled intuitive insights which create a reading designed just for you. Each reading is attuned to your specific energy and combined with the overall feel every month, to offer you a unique glimpse into the year ahead.

A song, image, colour or insight from my inner child may also accompany the monthly cards, as my intuition guides me. These are provided to create a tapestry of tools and wisdom to support you through your year.

Annual Intuitive Tarot

The reading begins with one card to give the overall theme for the year, drawn from one of four potential decks. A tarot card is then pulled for each month, and supported by an oracle card. (If more than one card is presented during the shuffling process, all will be included in the reading).

The tarot card offers the energetic overview while the oracle card provides guidance and advice to assist you in navigating the month’s energy.

The theme of the year is woven through the monthly cards, and each flows into the next, drawing on previous messages to provide a big picture view alongside the detailed monthly insights.

This will be written up and sent to you in PDF-format, either as one annual reading OR as 12 monthly readings.

The Details

The cost for the readings is £116 GBP. Please use the button below, which offers a choice between the one – annual reading style and the 12 – monthly readings style. If this is a gift for someone else, please indicate their name and email address when making the purchase. (I will contact them for their permission before starting the reading).

The single annual readings will take up to seven days, and will cover a year from the month in which they are received. For the 12 monthly readings, the first one will be sent the beginning of the next calendar month, to last one year from that date.

I look forward to reading for you!

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