Ascension is not Linear

I’m being reminded that the process of ascension/integration is not linear, and we cannot predict the direction it will take. If your soul has committed to the process, trust the flow. (And if you’re alive, it has).

It may be that as you reached another point of integration, old patterns were thrown up you thought you’d already dealt with, and it felt like they derailed the whole thing. In truth, your higher self is facilitating a clearing away of whatever is impeding your capacity to step fully into this particular newness.

It has been my firm assertion from the beginning that the way to unity and Oneness is THROUGH duality, not away from it, and this speaks directly to that. It can sometimes feel like you’re being dragged ‘backwards’ into the dualistic nature of 3D reality, when in fact you’re being asked to walk through the fire to the other side. Don’t eschew separation; embrace it. It is the route to wholeness.

I’ve also been reminded how vital our physical bodies are in this process. It can be fun to hang out in the bliss of other realms, but our physical bodies are the vehicle for the growth, here on Earth. Like Kimberlite veins are the means of delivery for the diamonds to reach the surface, our physical bodies are the bridge between spirit and Earth.

Love your body and whatever it is telling you. Follow its wisdom and allow it to express all its emotions, needs and passions. Connect with it daily, regularly, whatever that means for you. Listen to what foods it wants to eat, how much, and when. It is part of your unique expression in this world, and wants to support you in this transition.

Every being in existence at this moment has committed to the process of ascension, and it will manifest differently for each of us. Trust YOUR process. It may appear to be the opposite of what you imagined it would be, but if you keep checking in with yourself, you’ll know where you stand on the path. Trust that others are also playing their vital part.

By all means be vocal and express how you feel if that’s what you’re called to do. Likewise, if you need to withdraw, do that. Life has a magical way of showing us the path we need to walk, even if we’re kicking and screaming all the while 🙂 (It’s easier to let it be what it is).

Ask to be shown how easy it can be. Ask to be shown how magical it can be. And expect evidence of that to show up.

Wishing you ease, magic and flow.

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3

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