Asking with Love

I had an insight last night that I wanted to share. It was about asking, and receiving. I could feel a difference in myself over the past few days and then it was suddenly clear.

When you ask from a state of constriction (fear, lack or shame, for instance) your capacity to receive is impeded. The act of asking feels aligned with the __fear, shame, or lack___ which then increases THAT vibration in your being, which then creates further constriction.

When instead, you ask from a place of deep self love and self-respect, you receive from a place of power. This is the embodied type of power that comes from deep within, from knowing and accepting your divine self at a deep level. You feel the magic in the connection between giver and receiver, and understand that the two are exactly the same energy. You are open and in the perfect state to receive.

Those being asked for (whatever it is) also feel the difference. They don’t feel manipulated or in any way used, but feel the gift of your asking as receiving in themselves. This is the symbiotic nature of true reciprocity. There is no sense of indebtedness or shame associated with asking for your heart and soul’s desires and needs.

This sense of power permeates your being so that you then begin to claim more of your worth in the outer world, and continue to ask for what best supports you.

This is good stuff.

Wishing you so much magic and many blessings!

A further insight on asking:

When you’re not asking from self-love and self-respect, you may become resentful or angry because you feel you’re not getting what you need. But how can you, when you don’t ask?

Think of how our physical world works – we use our voices and our power to ask for what we need. We walk into a shop or restaurant, and clearly state, ‘hello, I’d like…’. If we stood there in silence, hoping for others to read our minds, or tried to telepathically send the message, we might be standing there for a very long time. This can also result in others feeling disrespected because it denies them the opportunity to give us what we need.

There are a whole lot of reasons you might not be comfortable with asking – old patterning around worth or deserving, the fear of offending someone else, a misplaced sense of responsibility for someone else’s needs or feelings, etc. Whatever the reason, it is not about others not meeting your needs but about your lack of clarity and boundary-setting.

This is where you need to stay tuned into your heart, and be brutally honest. Even if it’s a really tough conversation, it can be done from a place of love and compassion. When you’re not putting your own needs first, you’re not being honest or compassionate. You’re projecting what you believe to be another’s needs onto them and denying them the autonomy to make a choice that might just change their life.

Once again we come back to choice. There is so much power in choice.

Magic is afoot.

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3

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