An Avalanche of Change

We’ve just had the results of the UK referendum and by a small majority Britain voted to leave the EU. It was a potentially surprising result, and at first it threw me a bit. I voted to remain, because it felt like the choice aligned with inclusivity, community and expansion.

I spent some time in the allotment today and had a chance to feel into this result some more.

I was surprised to find I feel excited, as if an avalanche of change has begun, more massive and expansive than any of the politicians involved could have anticipated. It’s as if this has begun a transformation of the structures at a deep level, calling out to finally heal the storylines of bloodshed and trauma that underlie the British Empire.

This is part of the change we’ve been working for as a collective, playing out in a way we hadn’t anticipated or perhaps hadn’t hoped for. That’s the nature of change. This shit is getting real.

It feels like it has implications that go far beyond Britain and Europe, and point to a massive restructuring of the way we choose to engage with one another as a compassionate, unified collective. The old ways are being blasted apart.

Don’t be swayed by 3rd dimensional meanings of the results but feel into the underlying thread of change and ride the wave of anticipation. We cannot stop the ripples of transformation once they’ve begun, and they have.

In order to build anew, we must first deconstruct. The ivory tower is coming down. Bring it on.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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