I Think I Love Me (so what am I so afraid of ?)

As you know, I have a thing about songs and films inspiring posts from time to time. Today is another example of that – this song (somewhat annoyingly) has been running through my head for two days. I knew on this morning’s walk that it was time to write about it. (David Cassidy ‘I think I love You’ from YouTube). Since January, I’ve been on what I call a ‘self-love-apalooza,’ which has involved delving into some extreme self-love and self-care rituals. As always, when faced with deep reflections of my own worth and what that means in the face of Love, it hasn’t been easy. The past few days have been extra hard, and hence the song. ‘I think I love you, so what am Continue reading I Think I Love Me (so what am I so afraid of ?)

A Love Song for the Animals

Animals have always been my salvation in a world where I felt mistrust towards people and circumstances. Spending time with them brings me such joy and peace, and I think I’ve always known they are far wiser than they’re given credit for. I just didn’t understand how wise. They bring so many gifts and teach us so much in their short and incredibly sweet lives, and this post is to honour their spirits, and their journeys. I’ll start with the premise that animals most definitely have souls. Souls as wide as the skies and as deep as the oceans. Souls so big and loving that to contain them within their relatively tiny bodies must be a strange and laughable experience for them. Anyone who has Continue reading A Love Song for the Animals

Love is in the Actions

Ah Love. Here we go again. I think Tim Hardin says it so well in his song, Reason to Believe, when he writes: ‘If I listened long enough to you I’d find a way to believe that it’s all true Knowing that you lied straight-faced while I cried Still I look to find a reason to believe.’ I find myself with so many questions, as I contemplate these words. The lies I’ve told myself for love. How many times have I promised myself to follow my heart, and to recognise that words not backed up by actions are not an accurate description of love? Love is in the actions. It’s speaking the truth of your heart and acting in alignment with those words. How many Continue reading Love is in the Actions

New World Coming

Today I wanted to share something I was inspired to write a month ago, after the Super Moon and Solstice in June. I shared it with a group I’m a member of, but I never did post it to here. It’s been really present in my consciousness since then, and I felt like it was perfect timing to give it new life on the eve of another Full Moon. So for today, I’m offering this song and the post that accompanies it, with minor changes and additions, to express my heartfelt gratitude to earlier generations of change-makers who held out hope for a New World. Here’s the song (and I claim no ownership rights to this or any recording): When I heard this song ‘by Continue reading New World Coming