Stress and Relationships

Today’s post in OM Times magazine is called ‘Why Stress Affects your Relationships. It can be found on page 72. If you prefer the website version, you can find it here: Why Stress Affects your Relationships. Big Love, ~ Jenny <3

What is Love?

Ah, the age old question. It’s been sung about, written about, lamented over, and pondered for eons. And is the answer a universal one that we can all agree on? That’s a good question. Love is the essence of life. It is what we all are, what we all return to when we leave this physical plane, and what we all seem to seek while we’re here. People seek it through different things – relationships, material possessions, fame, you name it, the root of the seeking is the same: we want to feel love(d). How do you go about feeling love(d), if you don’t know how to feel Love? That’s the key question. We’ve all no doubt heard the ‘relationships are mirrors’ thing too many Continue reading What is Love?

30-Day Consciousness Challenge

As part of my commitment to challenging myself and offering my work in the world, I’ve joined the OM Times 30-day Conscious Living Challenge as an expert. My topic of choice is letting go. I’ll walk you through 30 days of letting go, as seen through a variety of lenses, focussing more on the idea of surrender and integration as release. By clicking on the above image, you’ll be taken to Day 0 (Introduction), and from there can follow links to the next 30 days. Alternatively, you may want to download the eBook (PDF) I created after the series, called 21 Days of Letting Go. Big Love, ~ Jenny <3

Catharsis and the Art of Falling Apart

Catharsis, breakdown, breakthrough, dark night of the soul, rock bottom, turning point, tipping point, crisis point, psycho-spiritual crisis; no matter what you call it, it’s the same thing. It’s that point at which something in you decides the way you’ve been going is no longer going to work. It can feel traumatic or easy, depending how attached you are to the way things are at present. I’m writing about this process at the moment, and have had several years to ruminate over the different forms it can take. It all started with my own catharsis, which led me to examine my old ways of doing things in some serious detail. I examined, and examined, and released and released and released… What the process gave me was Continue reading Catharsis and the Art of Falling Apart