Make Yourself at Home

This week I’ve written a post which is featured in my friend Joy Holland’s exploration of home. Her website, Facets of Joy, is a constant source of inspiration and adventure, as she takes readers on journeys to presence in myriad ways. Writing about home for me was a strange experience, because I currently don’t have a home as others might define it (a bricks and mortar space). It was an excellent opportunity to discover what exactly the word meant to me, and how it felt. Here’s an excerpt, and a link to the full article on Joy’s wonderful site: ‘So here I was, existing, yet not living a grounded existence in a home, either a bodily one or a bricks and mortar one. A soul Continue reading Make Yourself at Home

Goddess Wanted: Apply Within

At first I thought of calling this article, ‘Where the Heck is my Inner Goddess?’ but realised in a way, that question answers itself. My (Inner) Goddess is within. So why have I had such difficulty finding her? I’ve been doing a whole lot of letting go lately, and as I do, I find new perspectives flooding into me, and new layers still to be uncovered. I realised that a big part of the Inner Goddess is a Mother, and I’ve had some pretty distorted ideas about what that means. Without a healthier view of the concept of motherhood, I can’t embrace the fullness of my Divine Feminine, my Inner Goddess. We’re all born in the perfection of who we are, and as time goes Continue reading Goddess Wanted: Apply Within

What is Love?

Ah, the age old question. It’s been sung about, written about, lamented over, and pondered for eons. And is the answer a universal one that we can all agree on? That’s a good question. Love is the essence of life. It is what we all are, what we all return to when we leave this physical plane, and what we all seem to seek while we’re here. People seek it through different things – relationships, material possessions, fame, you name it, the root of the seeking is the same: we want to feel love(d). How do you go about feeling love(d), if you don’t know how to feel Love? That’s the key question. We’ve all no doubt heard the ‘relationships are mirrors’ thing too many Continue reading What is Love?