An Ode to your Magical Body

Your magical body is the home of your soul, the conduit you chose to explore this thing called life. It’s a masterpiece! It may not feel immediately easy to access body-love when you wake up every day and see the fifteen pounds that weren’t there last year, or the scars and stretch marks that ‘mar’ your skin. How can you love your body when the images you see every day portray a version of beauty that doesn’t describe your unique fabulousness? It may feel challenging or even impossible to reach a state of love for your body if you’ve experienced shame, abuse or bullying for the way you look or move. So, what’s the best advice I can give? Start where you are. Your body Continue reading An Ode to your Magical Body

A Visit from my Dad

I wanted to share with you an experience from yesterday. My Dad came for a visit. This may not sound special, but he’s been dead for 35 years, so I love it when he makes his presence known. Sometimes it’s through dreams, sometimes through a general sense of his support, and other times, like yesterday, it was a whole-body experience. I felt hugged and then saw his face in my inner eye. He pointed me towards a memory, one of my favourites, that I hadn’t thought of in a while. When I was first learning to ride my bike, he was teaching me by holding the back of the seat and getting me to pedal, and then would let go. I fell a lot. One Continue reading A Visit from my Dad

Alchemy or Avoidance?

Happy Thursday, everyone, and 777 (7/7/16)! Woo Hoo! That’s got to mean something. Sevens in the tarot are about mastery and establishing a solid footing for the expansion and completion that lies ahead. It feels tied in to the idea of the holy trinity of inner child, self and higher self that are simultaneously reaching mastery to enhance and support alignment (and ascension). RAWR! (7+7+1+6 = 21, which breaks down into 3, confirming the presence of the trinity). This ties in SO beautifully with the message I received today while out for a walk. It touches on the idea of avoidance vs alchemy. I LOVE this message. What is the difference between avoidance and alchemy? Alchemy digests the truth; it incorporates the energy of diverse Continue reading Alchemy or Avoidance?

Independence, Co-dependence and Interdependence

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend (some were long weekends) and are feeling positive about the new month ahead. There is definitely expansion happening, and we may be called to be more visible or visible in different ways this month. I was lying in bed last night and got some messages around independence, co-dependence and interdependence. It seemed independence was the word of the day yesterday. I pulled the Bast card from the goddess deck, whose message was independence. It was July 4th, which is the day the US celebrates their independence. And a Facebook group I’m a part of was considering the ideas of independence and freedom. So let’s look at these three concepts. Independence on a feeling Continue reading Independence, Co-dependence and Interdependence

Hiding from your Beauty

My gratitude goes out to Aine at the Global Love Project for featuring another of my posts. It’s called ‘You Cannot Hide from your Beauty. The post asks you to embrace your expansive truth, and shine boldly from your heart. ‘You are a golden thread in the beautiful tapestry of life, adding your unique and shining signature to the bigger picture. Without you, the world would be missing a vital piece.’ May you celebrate your unique beauty in every way. Big Love, ~ Jenny