Change or Spiritual Awakening?

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Change is one of life’s constants; there is no being on this planet that hasn’t experienced it in one way or another, every day of their lives.

Not all changes are created equal.

Some feel easy, like a gentle curve in a country road, leading in a new direction. They flow into and out of your life with little commotion, leaving you feeling fresh and invigorated.

Others blow through your life like a tempest, tearing you out of the comfortably familiar sameness and razing the foundations on which you’ve built your life to this point. They’re destructive, cathartic, and life-changing.

These are the changes where you know you’ve reached the point of no return. You walk away feeling raw; transformed by the process of being stripped soul-level naked, knowing that life will never be the same. Like a phoenix, burnt by the flames to be born anew in the ashes.

These are the changes that challenge you in ways you didn’t know existed. They may lead you into the darkest shadows of your soul, through poverty or into a grief so deep it feels bottomless. They offer you the opportunity to face your power, to access the parts of you you’ve buried, perhaps for lifetimes, under the status quo and the many ways you’ve tried to ‘fit’ into external structures and definitions.

These are the changes that ask you to face the truth of yourself and of what you’ve taken as reality. They force you to question everything you’ve ever known, and to be prepared to surrender the things you thought were fixed (including your personality, your stories, and who and how you are in the world). They move you, they mould you, and they transform who you thought you were.

These changes can have many names: catharsis, dark night of the soul, rock bottom, turning point, tipping point, crisis point, or psycho-spiritual crisis. It’s all the same thing; that point at which something in you decides the way you’ve been going is no longer working. It can feel traumatic, or easy, depending how attached you are to the way things are and have been. These are the changes that thrust you into a spiritual awakening.

They come in all shapes and sizes and can be triggered by a multitude of things: relationship breakups, the death of a loved one, or hitting rock bottom with an addiction. They look different to each and every person who undergoes them.

The thing these changes may have in common is that they feel significant in a way that’s difficult to articulate. They often involve recognition or intervention of a higher power. You feel connected to something outside of the 3rd dimensional, physical reality you see, hear and touch.

There is regularly a sense that while this feels like one of the worst times you’ve been through, there’s something larger at play offering immense expansion and fresh perspectives. Afterwards, the emerging feelings of freedom and newness reiterate this sense that it may have been the best thing that’s ever happened, in spite of how challenging it felt at the time. There’s an acceptance of the challenges as aspects of your empowerment, and a deep inner knowing that this has transformed your worldview profoundly.

In every moment of life’s challenges, you’re given opportunities to awaken buried parts of yourself that lead to more expanded and empowered ways of being in the world. You’ll be shown new perspectives which felt unattainable from your previous, limited perspective. They were always there, you just couldn’t see them from where you were.

You may find you approach problems or relationships in new ways that in turn transform the way others relate to you. A deep and all-encompassing compassion and love sets in and flows to all of existence. Perhaps you discover a desire to spread that love in some way. You may feel tuned in to intuitive messages that guide you more lovingly than your ego mind and ingrained beliefs.

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As if the changes you’ve been through weren’t enough, you may find a desire to move to new places or new ways of supporting yourself arises. It may even feel like a calling, a desire so strong and undeniable that it becomes almost obsessive.

Anything less than passion and joy don’t feel like good enough reasons to do anything. You may grow bored with things you used to enjoy, and your soul longs for deep connection and meaning.

Sometimes, you feel cast adrift, seemingly alone for months or years as your soul does its work to integrate the constantly flowing wisdom and insights moving through your newly-cleared channel.

The choices you make may appear crazy, ridiculous or terrifying to others, such as leaving a permanent job with no alternative and moving to a new country. You might begin to discover you have gifts in healing, intuitive arts or psychic mediumship. Synchronicities like numbers lining up on clocks and other electronics become beacons that light your way.

Your whole worldview has shifted, to incorporate multi-dimensional aspects of yourself that were always there, lurking in the shadows until you were ready to recognise them. The changes that came like a whirlwind through your life served as a mode of delivery, so that whatever higher power exists for you could remind you of your most expansive, delicious truth.

In the moment you surrendered to the change, you said yes to the adventure that waited. You opened the door for radical transformation to blow through your life and offer you expansion and infinite potential.

Once you accept that a profound shift has taken place within you, you’re called to take responsibility for aspects of yourself you may have denied or discarded along the way. They may be called ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, yet they all feel the same to you. In those things are pieces of your power, lessons learned and growth acquired that have shaped you and changed you. You may discover you feel softer, more open and connected to everyone and everything in a way you’ve never experienced.

The yearning begins for connections with people who really ‘get’ you. You’ll listen to your heart’s intuitive knowing to find those with whom you share a soul bond. You might begin to feel frustration that old friends and family don’t ‘see’ you, or feel the need to distance yourself from them for a while.

It may start to feel like the way you saw the world before was a strange and surreal dream, a long-forgotten story about someone else’s life. When everyone else around you still believes the ‘dream,’ it can feel confusing. You might get pulled back into the old for a while, until it feels untenable.

This change will feel like a complete rebirth, as if you’re building your life from the ground up. The old foundations of understanding and self have been destroyed. It’s challenging to stand in a place filled with infinite potential when you’re used to a more limited worldview. How do you choose, when there are so many things to choose from?

Perhaps it also helps to know there are no wrong choices. You can try something on for a while and reject it if it doesn’t work. There’s a freedom in the process of deep change that opens you up to flow. Until you develop a trust in yourself and the new, you may be pulled back into old, familiar choices and habits, because they’re all you knew, before.

The beauty of the process is that you’ll recognize when things aren’t serving you because you’ll feel the dissonance in your whole being. Whereas once you might have whole-heartedly believed that what you got was all you deserved, you know differently now. You don’t know how you know, but you do. You have an understanding that whatever came before offered you the chance to learn and grow beyond your perceived limitations.

The changes in your life might not be immediate. You still have to eat and pay bills. You may want to spin magic 24 hours a day, and that can lead to frustration when the old reality infringes on the new. Nothing will ever be the same, but it might on the surface look the same.

As you stay aligned with the newness of your experience, you find new ways of approaching situations arise and open up more possibility. The surrendered state you experienced during the process serves you well afterwards, too. You develop a deep and embodied sense of trust in your own knowing that guides you towards every decision.

Remember this, if nothing else: there is no one way to navigate a spiritual awakening. There are many resources out there offering support and guidance if you choose to follow the process towards deeper understanding. Movement can help, and finding other people who’ve undergone a similar experience. Looking for an intuitive healer or counsellor can help with integration of the immense amounts of energy you’ve moved through your bodies. You’ll know what you need, if you’re willing to pay attention and trust.

The process is truly beautiful. If you allow yourself to be transformed, you’ll never look at life the same again.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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