Choice and Karma

Choice is POWERFUL. And in every moment there is choice. It is the difference between victim and creator. It is where true responsibility lies, even if the choice itself appears irresponsible to yourself or others. This is the crux of the new energy – our choices, on ALL levels, reflect our reality.

How aligned are our choices? We are multidimensional beings, and what that means is we choose on numerous aspects of our beings, numerous times a day. When those choices draw to us something we feel is discordant, it means we’re still choosing it on one of those levels. So, something is out of alignment.

A comment on the blog about ‘spiritual bypass’ gave me an opportunity to dive into the term to try it on for size. It brought me back to choice. It was a beautiful reminder that there is nothing outside of ourselves that gives us or takes away authority, except by our CHOICE. Whether or not it has felt like a conscious choice in this dimension, it is still a choice.

So this is where alignment comes in – as we align further with the embodied knowledge of our multidimensionality, the things we choose change. The relationships we enter into, the words we speak, the work we are prepared to do (or not), all change. The belief systems we’ve adhered to, or labels/situations/escape routes we’ve adopted to support our choices, they all begin to change.

One example that arose while I was exploring spiritual bypass from the inside out was karma. Karma is perceived as an external force, suggesting that we have no choice because certain things are part of a cycle of experience that just are, because of something we have done in a previous lifetime or existence. It is of the old paradigm and no longer holds sway in the new experience of conscious responsibility. It is too easy to hold it outside of ourselves as a way of explaining things we are choosing to ignore. Don’t like a situation? ‘It’s all good, it’s karma.’

Karma is also a choice: a choice to remain tied to external definitions/limitations of our true potential, where we become perpetual victims. The way to heal karma is to choose to step outside of the belief in it. Just because it was a collectively accepted concept for hundreds of years does not mean it is ‘true’! This is the power of choice – we can decide what structures will serve us in the new and leave anything else behind. We can claim choice as our super-power and go forward from here knowing we are creating our present as each moment arises.

There’s nothing keeping us in unwanted (or wanted) situations except a choice we’ve made on some level of our being that we deserve to be there. Go within and examine the root of the choices, in THIS lifetime, in this moment, and take responsibility for the power in choosing. The more deeply we individually connect with our hearts/souls and selves, the stronger we become as a collective.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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