Coffee Shop Ruminations

Here are some coffee shop ruminations from yesterday. I love sitting in coffee shops and hearing the hustle and bustle, watching people and contemplating existence.

# 1 – The only true reality is the Source-point of unity – the structures we’ve chosen to define ourselves and our external reality are only (fear-based) constructs designed to give us ‘proof’ of our existence.

In truth, existence, like love, isn’t based on external reflections of ourselves or our validity, but on internal alignment with the belief in our existence. In other words, without reflections of our existence would we cease to exist?

It seems to me, the goal of conscious awakening is to simply exist without definition, without perception and reflection. As we accept the truth of our existence in its perfect imperfection, we also make space for others to do the same.

#2 – sort of connected to #1 – you can’t try to BE, because you already ARE. You can’t become more of what you already are, you have to instead un-become that which you’re not. Nothing defines us in totality – we’re glorious mosaics of lifetimes and experiences, with a big pinch of Source…

#3 – The way to unity is towards duality, not away from it. In trying to deny the existence of things that make us ‘un-spiritual,’ like judgement, shame, anger, etc, we actually move further into the separation we seek to escape. Instead, we can try to make space for all things to exist in every moment.

If you feel judgement arise, accept the judgement and allow it to exist in the same space as the acceptance. This way, you don’t drive a wedge further into the spaces between the ‘desired’ feelings/experiences and the ‘undesired’ ones. All are equivalent.

Unity is through duality, not in the opposite direction – that belief is in itself dualistic (!) This way, we’re not always reaching out of what IS for an experience that feels better, we’re sitting in what is and feeling better about it.

I don’t know if these are new ideas, just processed through my channel. Sometimes it helps to hear things worded in a different way 🙂

Have a fantastic day!

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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