Connecting with your Intuition

Trust; intuition
Trust card from Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue (various artists)

What does it mean to connect with your intuition?

Intuition is a connection to a knowing that feels beyond rational explanation. It comes in many forms: through sight (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), feeling/knowing (clairsentience), empathy, and a bodily knowing.

Heeding your intuition is akin to being conscious of and listening to the wisdom of your instincts and your heart.

It’s helpful to be clear on what your primary senses are in your day-to-day life. Do you find yourself being visually aware of or stimulated by the world? Do you instead focus on sounds or smells? Be mindful of these things as you go about your work and life, and take note.

The word sensitivity is directly linked to the senses. Release any ideas that sensitivity is a weakness and tune in through your senses and feelings as you go through each day. Be aware when something ‘feels off,’ or if you ‘smell a rat.’ (See how the idea of trusting your instinctual knowing is even embedded in language?)

Tune into your body and feel what it’s like when there’s resonance with an opportunity and when there’s not. This means letting go of the mind’s desire to do what’s ‘right’ or what’s expected. Follow your heart, and you’ll be presented with new experiences that you might not have otherwise tried. Don’t be afraid of the guidance or the messages you find.

Learning to trust what you receive takes time and practice. It’s not easy to go a different way than everyone else, or go against the route your mind insists is the logical one. You may be laughed at, rejected or vilified for daring to break with long-held collective beliefs. You may have to not trust a whole lot of messages before you begin to realize they give you excellent guidance.

There are numerous messages kicking around that could direct the course of your life; only you know what you truly want. Usually when you need to change something, there are clear signs. It’s your choice whether to follow them or not; if you don’t, be aware they tend to become more persistent.

Your intuition is part of the process that guides you towards your heart’s desires, and change is a vital part of that. Trust it.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted – tune IN, not OUT. This can be challenging, because many people really dislike change. (I love it. I built this website about it). So, instead of heading towards change, people may find ways to disconnect from the thing asking them to change (their intuition) and involve themselves in distractions.

Distractions come in many forms: relationships, work projects, substances, sports, social media; anything to avoid feeling what really needs to be felt. The familiar is so comfortable, even when it’s not exactly ‘right.’ Something about it feels easy or safe, and soothes the frightened part of the mind resisting the changes.

Bring awareness to whatever distracts you from looking at the uncomfortable parts of your life. What is your favourite go-to for tuning out of feeling? There’s no need to make excuses for why you’re there, just get really honest. It’s not going to be easy.

You may just need a small change, from one brand of toothpaste to another. Perhaps you require a total career or relationship overhaul. Your happiness and well-being are part of your heart’s desire, and will try to point you there no matter what your head says.

Distractions serve to keep your head busy instead of listening to your heart. Sometimes it feels too painful to face the truth.

As you begin to trust what’s presented, you’ll learn to decipher the messages more clearly. When you first begin to connect with and acknowledge your intuition, you may take something literally that was meant to be cryptic (or vice versa). Sometimes a message is a call to begin looking at possible changes, which you might interpret as a call to ditch everything and re-do your life.

It’s all okay.

Whatever happens is designed to get you used to and committed to the idea of following your guidance. By misinterpreting, you learn to interpret more clearly. By ignoring red flags, you learn to heed them next time. When you get quiet, you find things are clearer, and you can discern intuitive messages from those of the ego or other deeply ingrained beliefs.

The calmer you are, the more connected you feel. You’ll find when you’re confronted with a chaotic place or situation, it’s your mind/fear that kicks into high gear, not your intuition. It takes time and practice to find calmness within so you can always feel into your intuitive connection.

Find a place, medium or ritual that works for you. I like to be near running water, and love using tarot or oracle cards and crystals. I also feel deeply connected when sitting on the grass, or under trees. Some people meditate, some use reiki symbols, and others invoke specific beings (angels or archangels, for instance). You can combine all sorts of tools and methods.

Experiment to get clarity on when you feel most connected (and disconnected). Make note of how the messages come to you and when/where. This way, you can begin to consciously engage in the activities that enhance your connection. If you feel the desire to light a candle or place specific crystals in your space, try it out.

Perhaps it feels best to you to create a sacred space and begin with a prayer. Sacred space can be anywhere that allows you to tune into your heart. If it feels right to you to connect in nature, make time and set intentions before you go outside, and see what arises. Part of the fun is creating your own ritual, and trying a few out along the way. There is no one right way to connect.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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