Deconstructing Ownership

*First seen in Resonate emagazine Issue # 1, in May 2014 – Reprinted with permission*

The Shift is underway. We’re past the point of no return, heading into the great unknown, and there’s some collective fear and anxiety around the idea of ‘how’ we go about this thing.

What’s being made clear is that releasing is vital in this process of shifting, and when I asked ‘what do we have to release?’ the answer I got was ‘everything.’ Hmmm. At first glance, not so helpful.

file00098932773As I looked deeper into this, clarity began to emerge, and the main focus was on structures and the current forms that things, beliefs or experiences take.

Our lives here in the 3D are based on structures, which are rapidly falling away to be replaced with something as yet unknown to us.

How do we live in a structureless, formless world? How do we make sense of the feeling of chaotic expansiveness that comes with this release?

This is where we can begin to break down the idea of structures, and of letting them go. Everything we have ‘built’ has a current structure or form, whether it’s a belief system, a building or a relationship.

As structures form, we begin to fix feelings of ownership or attachment to them, and those structures then become a part of the ‘reality’ of what is; in fact, they become the base upon which it is built.

In deconstructing the ideas of ownership, we can start to gently release the forms that are holding this dimension in its current manifestation. All is energy. If we look to nature for guidance, we can see that energy cannot be owned. There are no concepts of ownership in nature, the way that we have attached them to things in our current paradigm.

It is in these understandings, the return to a natural state of being, devoid of constructs that define energy as belonging to one entity or another, that we begin to embrace the potential for expansiveness that’s being presented.

This Shift is about embracing the potentials outside the structures that currently exist, and unless we can release the limiting feeling of those structures, we can’t reach the potential. It’s a Catch-22.

This is where releasing comes in, and is so vital to making the leap from 3D to other dimensional consciousness.

If we release the need to own attachments to this dimension in its current form (that’s key), we can move more rapidly and easily into the new energy.

If we continue to stay tied to the existing structures and limitations through owning our thoughts, beliefs and experiences as what define us, we stay tied to the old energies.

There are so many things tied to these old structures that we can collectively release – anything that falls under the category of discordant with the natural state of being. Ask your body what you personally can let go of that feels out of resonance with your nature, and be willing to release it in its current form to be transmuted.

In some cases, things will be returned to us in a form we will barely recognise, but with an energetic blueprint we will know on a soul level is what we are now reflecting.

In all cases, the new we attract will be based in the infinite possibility that lies beyond our current paradigm’s structures. From behind the veil of ownership, it’s difficult to access this place.

Trust that anything (and everything) we’re being asked to release is no longer serving our highest good, and that the whole of creation is conspiring to awaken us to our most Divine selves. We can feel the truth of this within us, and the fear so many are currently experiencing is a result of this knowledge.

Release all things with Love, grieve for the passing of what has gone and allow yourself to be comfortable with the chaos of the unknown. Freedom lies on the other side.

Trust. Allow. Receive. Feel. Breathe.

Big, Big Love
~ Jenny

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