Deserving vs Entitlement

Today’s insight is about deserving and entitlement. What is the difference?

Deserving comes from a sense of total acceptance and allowance of the abundance that exists at all times. Entitlement comes from a sense of lack or constriction. While on the surface one can feel like the other, they manifest in different ways.

Deserving feels like we can ask for and expect what we want and need to show up, always, in the exact right time. It feels like patience, trust and knowing. Entitlement is more of a chasing, grasping energy, where we might go into others’ energy and take what we want because we feel a lack of it in our own experience. It feels like impatience, frustration and insecurity.

We have become accustomed, in 3rd Dimensional experience, to want what we want now, which has led to the blurring of lines between the feelings of deserving and entitlement. If we feel the need to shout about how we deserve whatever it is, on some level, we’re not believing it. Inner alignment, as usual, is key.

Feel the difference between the two energies and whether one brings up more resistance. Does one feel more natural? Lean into a state of allowing, which is in tune with the flow of ALL things.

We are born deserving, so it’s not a matter of claiming what we are ‘owed,’ but claiming the state of acceptance in which we trust and know the truth of our deserving. This also brings to mind a blog post I wrote about a year ago, about following or chasing money (which is the same energy as love).

Have a fabulous day, and follow love wherever it leads.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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