Diamond Mining

There is magic afoot! Wow. This is the Chinese year of the Fire Rooster, also sometimes called the Phoenix. I love the symbol of the Phoenix, rising from the ashes of death and destruction. It is catharsis at its most magnificent.

It has also got me thinking about diamonds, and how they’re formed deep in the Earth under extreme heat and extreme pressure. They’re found 100 miles or more below underground, and are brought to the surface by volcanic activity and a substance called Kimberlite.

It is the Kimberlite veins that are mined, and the rocks are smashed to reveal the diamonds within. According to one source I saw, it can take over 250 tons of rock to find one diamond. I love that these veins are the method of delivery, not the source or origin of the diamonds. Like all catharsis, magic can be revealed through abrupt and explosive means of transmission.

What I love about these symbols – diamonds and Phoenixes – are how beautifully they relate to the experience of expansion. At times it feels like you’ve lost sight of everything that used to light you up inside, because you feel like you’ve been digging in the dark for so long and all you’re pulling up are these damn rocks.

And then you remember that you’re mining for diamonds, and in fact, the diamond is YOU. You smash the rocks to smithereens, everything you’ve dragged up from the darkness, and you clean it and sieve out all the impurities. And you keep digging.

You feel the flames and pressure increase, and you know you’re getting close, and you feel like death could be imminent, but you don’t stop digging, because if you can find that diamond, you can bring it out and give it to the world.

When you find it, in the bowels of the Earth, in the darkest corners of your being, it is like coming home. You remember why you’re here and that the stories you’ve been told about life on the surface are just distractions from the gems hidden in the depths.

Getting there is not easy. It can be lonely and isolating and exhausting and at times terrifying, but it is worth every rock and every particle of dust to finally access the core of you that shines brighter than all the stars in the sky, and burns with the passion of your true purpose. Whatever you’ve given up to get there will be healed in the light of this beauty as you hold it to the light for all to see it shine.

You owe it to yourself to find the diamonds in you, and access the passion of those deep fires. The world will thank you for expressing your beautiful truth, baring all your facets in an act of strength and openness.

Let the flames change you, shape you and strengthen you.

Shine on, beautiful Phoenix-diamonds!

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3

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