Boundary Setting for Empaths

Hi! Welcome to Boundary Setting for Empaths, a free 3-day email exploration of boundaries.

A boundary is a loving encapsulation of your energetic intention. At their most basic, boundaries allow in what is resonant and not what isn’t. Sound simple enough? They can be especially challenging for empaths, who often find it confusing to distinguish between their own energy and that of others.

Boundaries affect so many areas of our lives, including health and well-being, our capacity to receive, and more fulfilling relationships. Without them, we become complicit in others’ bad behaviour towards us. We may be allowing ourselves to remain in places that are not serving our best interest without being aware of it.

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This 3-day in-depth exploration addresses the what, why and how of boundary-setting and provides practices and steps to work on creating your own. It asks you to be honest with yourself and be willing to sit with discomfort as it arises, knowing that this work is contributing to a healthier life. You will be working with energy and bringing it into physical actions and choices.

Day 1 covers the what and why – a definition of boundaries and why they’re important to establish and maintain. It offers you five key points to remember when practicing boundary-setting.

Day 2 covers the how – an outline of suggested steps to take in creating and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Day 3 – provides practical and tangible exercises to begin a practice of boundary-setting on your own. This session looks into the ways being unboundaried works both ways, and addresses the idea of self-responsibility.

Once this becomes a natural process, boundaries are fluid and self-regulating. As empaths, it is vital to be attuned to your heart and feelings to maintain your energetic integrity. This is your foundation for boundary-setting.

I look forward to seeing you there!