An Empath’s Guide to Narcissists: Videos

During May and June of this year, I went for a walk. It was a several-hundred kilometre pilgrimage across part of the GR65 (Chemin de St. Jacques) in France, and it was magical.

One thing pilgrims seem to agree on, is that the camino leaves you with a gift. It surprised me with the seeds of this project, which encompasses a course and this video series. It washed over me with such love, as a deep understanding of the underying dynamic at play. It felt beautiful, and expansive.

It’s not necessarily something I would have chosen for myself, and it has triggered resistance in me (that may be an understatement). I’m working through it as I go, and feeling the possibility this project is presenting.

I started by interviewing a number of people about different aspects of the topic, and will keep adding videos as the topics continue to present themselves. (The interviews can be found at the end of the playlist).

My first four collaborators were:

Reba Linker: Reba is a master teacher, bestselling author, and life coach. She’s ready to lead you on the path of self-love to a happier and more fulfilling way of life. Join her Facebook group, Leaders in Self-Love.

Vito Mucci, author of Coffee for Consciousness 101. Vito is a shaman, artist and author. His book, Coffee for Consciousness 101 ‘is a textbook aimed at learning and applying perspectives as tools. Stretching the mind and engaging our world is priceless.’ Join his Facebook page.

Joy Holland: Joy is an empathic intuitive, empowerment coach and clarity and energy facilitator. Her focus on presence and energy movement is at the root of all her work. Join her Facets community on Facebook.

Veronica Lee: Veronica is a mystic, intuitive mentor and writer at OM Times magazine. She is also the host of a new tv experience called ‘Whole Soul Revolution.’ Also find her on Facebook.

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3

*If you’re interested in the topic of narcissism, I’ve also examined Narcissism and the Divine Feminine.*

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