Examining Default Settings

Something’s been getting clearer over the past couple of days around energetic ties to fear and other ‘default’ structures.

We are ALL energetic beings, yet we have forgotten much of this truth, and what it means. We’ve learned to rationalize our existence and experience to the point that logical (ego) mind overrides our sense of knowing that comes from our innate connection to all that is.

This takes me back a couple of months to the idea that some of the things we feel, on a daily basis, are habitual – like echoes of old patterns, beliefs, fears, etc. It’s as if these old ‘truths’ have become over time our default setting.

The original insight, from October 5, 2015: ‘Sometimes the only thing we have to release is the echo of a past pain or fear that has become a habit. Try to connect with the things that feel like blocks or resistance, and follow the thread back to the inception of them. If you can no longer connect to the feeling of the ‘reason’ behind them, the resistance may simply have become a habit. It was originally rooted in a very real, very visceral emotion or experience which has since dissipated, leaving behind this echo. As you examine them, they are released, freeing you from the habit of holding on to something that is no longer even ‘real.’ You can thank them for keeping you safe, or throw a party celebrating the fact that they have gone. Either way, feel the freedom.’

So when fear (or rage, or grief) is highly activated in the collective and we begin to feel it in our bodies, we immediately want it to be about something specific – something tangible and personal. We may want to blame others or shift the focus to what in our lives matches the feeling.

Part of the letting go we’ve been undergoing for the past few years has been releasing ownership of rational, ego-based response. The purpose has been to offer us opportunities to learn to trust our inner knowing over the default settings based in millennia of reptilian amygdala response.

We have shifted, we just keep forgetting, and fall back on these old habits. Again it comes down to familiarity – sometimes, even though the familiar feels uncomfortable and ‘wrong,’ it’s just so damned familiar, which on some level feels ‘right.’

This is not to say that specific events and experiences won’t trigger us to feel more intensely than others, because they will. And that’s the point. As we feel the depths of our humanness as a collective, we are embracing Oneness even more in our daily lives.

This is how our commitment to integration of our multidimensional selves into our human bodies is ‘tested’ – through opportunities to practice remembering our connection.

Big Love,
~ Jenny


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