Falling in Love with Life

We’re heading into a weekend that ends one month and ushers in a brand new one.

There is a whole lot of change happening at so many levels, and if you’re feeling exhausted, emotional or overwhelmed, do whatever you need to stay grounded and be compassionate with yourself. Take the time to rest, and if possible, don’t ‘push through’ whatever you’re feeling, but just let it flow.

There is a concurregrunge-hearts-patternnt thread of falling in love all over again, and of aspects of ourselves waking up that haven’t been heard from in some time.

It feels like the final days/weeks of chrysalis mode, when the exhaustion of becoming the new is felt side by side with the knowledge of what is to come. I have been falling in love over and over again, multiple times a day, with people, places and things.

Falling in love can feel scary because it’s a vulnerable state of surrender. Allow yourself to feel and enjoy the sensations of falling in love without the attachments of the old. See the light and beauty in everyone and everything, and celebrate the connection you feel. The surrender is akin to the surrender of alchemy and transformation that’s been taking place for the past several years.

Let yourself be joyful. Let yourself SHINE. Let yourself feel Love, as it exists in each and every moment. Surrender to the knowledge that you are that Love, and it manifests through you. Follow your passion and your bliss, and expect miracles.

(Later in the day…)

Spending time with the trees today was magical, as usual, and we had a visitor: a great big blue whale that came in to share some magic. It was a beautiful visit and message.

They showed me that the wisdom keepers across The Earth hold vast amounts of sacred knowledge; some of these are the trees, the cetaceans and raptors (Earth, Sky, and Ocean). They all communicate amongst themselves constantly.

Change is coming, and the energy will be speeding up as of September. Change is always about growth, no matter how it may appear on the surface.

This is not fear-mongering or an attempt to warn of approaching peril, it is simply a reminder that we as a collective have come here to shift the vibration of this planet and that cannot be achieved while we cling to the status quo. Change is coming.

The sense I got of it is that we’ve been shown and given ‘snippets’ of it over the past number of years, a sense of how it would feel to be tapped into that higher dimensional frequency all the time. The challenge was that our bodies (including the Earth) weren’t ready to hold it for extended periods of time, so we would then come back ‘down’ and it has been an opportunity to not be drawn into the drama of the old.

Part of the change that’s coming is that because the Earth has shifted, and our bodies are in the process of integration and expansion, we will feel more connected to that multidimensional knowing and experience more frequently and for longer, until it becomes the only state we know. This IS the New Earth. It is an embodiment of multidimensionality in this human experience.

For the next while. listen deeply to your body and your intuition, and follow the guidance you get. Move towards joy and disengage from drama. Let yourself BE, at every opportunity. Try not to buy into the external pictures of how the world is, and instead ask your Self and the Earth to show you the truth (as it is for you). Choose expansion consciously, and release whatever is not in alignment with that.

Nothing else matters. Right now your energy is needed to align with your Highest Self and the highest collective consciousness.

Spend time with the trees, by the ocean or appreciating the skies. Ground in whatever ways feel most comforting and safest for you. Step joyfully into the unknown, and trust.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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