Fighting as an Act of Love

IMG_7190_pAt some point in our collective space-time continuum, the rift between balanced masculine and feminine energies distorted the fine art of fighting.

It’s time to reclaim the aspect of fighting for what we believe in, from a state of pure love and self-respect.

I’ll give you an example. The other day, I decided to do a past-life regression using an online meditation. It took me to two separate lifetimes, with very different feelings and outcomes.

In the first life, I was a dirty, tired young girl (12 or so), a beggar on the streets of a large city. I had been recently abandoned by someone, a partner or friend, and turned to prostitution as a way to support myself. I could feel the constriction of survival mode kick in, the desperation of lack that meant I was willing to do anything simply to survive. I was passive, and felt beaten and victimised by life. As I was taken to the end of that lifetime, not long after, I was lying on the sidewalk, watching feet pass by as the life drained out of me. In those dying moments I realised I had just had a baby, and I felt the deep, deep sadness of abandoning that child to fend for itself.

I was immediately taken to the next life, and as I entered it, I was surprised to discover I was a huge, muscular man in mid-battle. I felt powerful and was filled with the passion of the fight. At first I felt some resistance, because I was killing people, and then as I relaxed into it, I felt an overwhelming sense of love. I was fighting to defend the things and people I loved. I was fighting for my family and my home. I was shown my homestead, and understood I was not a warrior, but a farmer and blacksmith, who had taken up the weapons from a place of deep love, to defend and protect the things I held most dear. As I was shown the end of that life, I was an old man, and I died in my bed, surrounded by a loving and happy family.

The difference in the feelings between the two lives was immense. It brought up an understanding of the collective distortions around fighting and war, and the ways they’ve been used to overpower and control. It addresses the long-held beliefs that the masculine is the protector and the feminine passive and in some way weak. It speaks to the rift that resulted in the Madonna-whore fallacy and the trade-off for putting the role of protector outside of ourselves.

The deeper truth that wants to emerge is the balanced masculine-feminine that understands the passion in fighting for what we love. It is not connected to the bloodthirsty distortion of modern-day warfare, which is so often rooted in fear-based control and the desire to possess something external. It speaks to the heart-based knowledge that the things we create are worth fighting for, and by association, we are worth fighting for.

It is about reclaiming our inner warriors, who fight for the things we believe in, and defend our creations’ rights to exist. It is about accessing the passion within us that knows the way to wholeness and will not be denied at any cost.

We are sometimes taught to fear passion, or to pack it away to make others comfortable. Anyone who has spent time in an abusive situation can account for the fact that passion is a great source of supply for the abuser, and as a self-protective mechanism, we sometimes pack it away for safe keeping. It sometimes threatens others, who don’t feel connected to their passion in the same way, and they may act out in ways that sabotage it or redirect it to serve their own needs. It’s intoxicating to be around someone who feels that connection – it’s powerful and electric.

It’s the passion within us that knows how to fight from love. It understands that fighting doesn’t have to entail violence, hurtful words or control over others.

It leads us to discover that fighting can be stepping out in our truth and claiming the beauty of our existence.

It can be standing in front of a crowd of naysayers and not being swayed by their version of ‘reality.’

It can be demanding what we need, knowing it supports our self-love and self-respect, and helps us to give ourselves and our creations the best chance to thrive.

It’s time to put down the weapons of mass destruction and return to the art of fighting from love. It’s time to remember the reason for our passion and to use it as a force for good, and for beauty in the world. To gift the collective with our uniqueness and our joy as a legacy for generations to come.

We are the stewards of our unique experience, and the wardens of our passion. It is only in reclaiming our sovereignty as the creators we are that we feel the depth of this truth. If we are not willing to fight for what we love, we cannot expect anyone else to.

It’s time to remember what it means to be whole, and to honour the gift of life. It is safe to unleash your passion, and to fight for the beauty of your heart.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

2 Replies to “Fighting as an Act of Love”

  1. Jenny, I love this! Thank you so much – the tension between fighting and a peaceful life is one I have long struggled with, particularly as I come to strong warrior stock!! I love the way you describe traditional battle – from a place of love – in your past life experience, and relate this to a more peaceful way of being – still fighting for what I love – right now. Xxxxx PS I also LOVED your post on manifesting and the interview you did with Joy – was quite revolutionary for me 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Caitriona!

      I know what you mean about that inner struggle. The warrior in you is there to remind you of that spark within that knows it’s ‘okay’ to fight for your desires. Sometimes the distortions lie in the words we use in this dimension, and attach us to old understandings of them that could be revisited. Fighting from love is infinitely powerful!

      I’m so grateful for your encouraging words. Joy is a source of constant inspiration to me, and I was so happy to be a part of her series. And revolutionary rocks!! Rawr! 🙂

      Big Love,
      ~ Jenny

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