Forget Diamonds; Feelings are a Girl’s Best Friend

Actually, they’re a human’s best friend, but the song says girl, so I went with it.

As a collective, we’re returning to the knowledge of the Divine Feminine at its full strength, so get ready to feel, like you’ve never felt before. No more of this surface-level bullshit or striving for the happy, clappy stuff that bypasses the truth of your power.

Your power lies in the capacity to tap into the heart and soul of everything in existence, and that connection is through your Source-given ability to feel. If you’re not willing to feel certain emotions, labelling them as ‘negative’ or ‘uncomfortable,’ you’re doing yourself and the world a disservice.

You’re also denying yourself the opportunity to feel the truth of Love at a depth you never thought possible. It’s not the mutual ego-masturbation ‘love’ that comes of self-denial and great chemistry. Like Mercutio from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet said about his mortal wound, this love: ‘… ‘tis not so deep as a well nor so wide as a church-door, but ‘tis enough, ‘twill serve.’

And ‘twill serve, for a while, but it’s only a distraction from the unadulterated version that awaits at the point of integration. That’s a full-being, heart and soul engaged love rooted in self-knowledge and self-love. It grows out of your courage and willingness to face and embrace the darkness, ugliness and woundedness in you and love the shit out of it. It emerges as a result of you understanding that you were that Love all along, and you’d simply lost sight of it somewhere. It is a love that allows you to hold the grief, the joy, the rage and the ecstasy, all in one moment.


There are memes kicking around that would be laughable if they weren’t so downright dangerous, telling people that grief is harmful to your lungs, and anger hurts your liver. The thing that’s left out from these is that it’s the suppression of those things that causes the damage, not the expression.

Apart from being slightly puerile, these add to the ridiculous idea that constantly reaching elsewhere for a happier thought or feeling is the way to be happier. Emotions are ‘energy in motion;’ they are designed to flow through and out. ALL of them.

The challenge is that for so long we’ve collectively feared emotions and made them the enemy. It’s not ‘nice’ to express anger, and embarrassing to cry in public. Sayings like ‘boys don’t cry,’ and ‘man up’ further separate us from our divine feminine essence by making them a woman’s domain, and a weakness.

As a collective, we’re pretty fucked up. The planet is screaming out for attention and healing and we continue to ignore the cries and rape her, tearing resources out of her womb like unyielding foetuses. We go out in the world, expected to mask the truth of who we are and what we’re feeling, to unconsciously produce a slew of useless things that further pollute the Earth.

When we don’t own our feelings, we project on anyone and everyone, making them the cause of our pain and suffering, or the temporary object of our venting. We’re a collective run amok, a disaster waiting to happen. We soothe our collective and individual wounds with stuff, further pushing down the feelings behind a thinly-veiled dam of denial.

When the dam breaks, it hurts. It hurts like a motherfucker. It may cause you to question your sanity, your desire to continue living and your eternal existence. It might have you reviewing every life event and relationship, questioning your choices and actions, feeling a thousand lifetimes of pain. It can tear away your walls and leave you raw and panting, exposed to the world feeling vulnerable and alone.

You cannot relate in the old way, you’re an empty husk of who you were before. New skills and perspectives begin to fill the space: a deepening sense of compassion and connection; a reawakening of the magic; a return to the deepest truth of who you are.

That’s just the grief, and it’s just the beginning. The journey into the depths of your darkness will take you through multiple layers of yourself and your soul, integrating as you go. Each layer you peel away reveals a new wound, a new point of pain to be addressed. Patterns show you the way to the healing, revealing where your unconsciousness has been hiding the truth from you.

Rage flows like a fire; it cleanses the soul and shows you where the imbalances lie. It doesn’t need an object, it simply needs a channel, and that is you. Wherever suppressed collective pain and fear has held others in captivity, raped, killed or misused them, there is rage; fiery burning embers rapidly turning to flames. Does it hurt? It can, if it is misused and directed at others in acts of blame or shame. If it is directed in healthy ways, it can be used to create immense beauty and good.

And what’s not to be angry about? Do you think our collective Mother, the Earth, doesn’t mourn and rage for each of her creatures killed at the hands of another? Do you think she doesn’t feel the injustice of child slavery or the destructive distortions in humanity’s sexual energy? Let that awaken your anger, and use it to create change. Bring consciousness to the parts of you that have been complicit and the ways you’ve been abused.

When the dam breaks, it shows you just how strong you are. It shows you that you have the capacity to hold enormous power in this tiny Earth body, that you can FEEL. Oh, to feel! To be in touch with that precious and divine gift! Emotion has the power to move mountains, to start movements of change, and to shift humanity into a whole new way of existing.

And you WILL feel. The collective dam is ready to break. Get out of your head and leap head-first into your heart, which will guide you through the process to the freedom that lies beyond. Have the courage to face your truth, and in doing so uplift the collective experience to one of more authentic and heart-centred living. It is time for change.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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