The Gift of Hope

Something’s coming up around hope today. There are some who talk about hope as a pointless thing, that it in some way robs from your future, and this is a message around that.

Sometimes hope is ALL we can see. Many beautiful dreams and movements of change have grown from the seeds of hope. Hope is an impetus for transformation.

Think of the refugees currently flooding out of Syria and other war-torn areas. Without hope that something better exists for themselves and their families, where would they be? Hope is the antidote to despair.

The word/meaning has been distorted in some circles to mean ‘pipe dreams,’ and this is where it becomes muddied. Hope in its purest form is a divine spark of inspiration, a belief in the beauty of infinite potential, a connection to a knowing that no matter how challenging life currently seems, there is always a solution. Hope shifts us from victimhood (life sucks, and is happening TO me) towards empowerment (I see the potential for movement).

A diet of only hope is not sustainable for long periods of time, and yet it beats a diet of despair or fear. Hope is positive, light, enchanting, full of potential, and it drives out the darkness of overwhelm and impossibility.

To maintain hope for a free and peaceful world is a step out of the constriction of fear.

To hold hope that humanity is moving towards a more love-centred way of being is not getting caught in despair for the state of the world.

Use hope as a stepping stone towards your heart’s wildest dreams. There is power in hope.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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