The Gift of Sensitivity

I just wanted to share a note on sensitivity today. It’s come as a reminder that being highly sensitive becomes normalised, just like anything else. And we are becoming increasingly sensitive all the time, we just may be adjusting so quickly on another level that we don’t become aware of it until we come up against it in this dimension.

A couple of examples have come up in my experience over the past couple of days, and it took me until this morning to fully make the connection.

Firstly, the cat I’m currently looking after has caught me *two* gifts in the past two days. One was a slow worm and one a teeny tiny mouse. I don’t have a fear of either snakes/worms or mice, yet when she brought them in the house, I felt fear. I didn’t want to touch them or have them in the house.

Secondly, all of yesterday afternoon/evening I was in a state of heightened anxiety, for no apparent reason that made sense in my life. I have some things that could be considered stressful, but not this level of discomfort. Then this morning I heard about last night’s explosion in Manchester.

It was as I was taking the mouse outside this morning that I felt a slight shift and realised I was feeling the mouse’s terror. I wasn’t afraid OF the mouse, I was afraid as if I were the mouse. I was feeling the mouse’s pain and fear to the point it began to impede my ability to act. Same thing with the slow worm, and the energy around Manchester.

Sensitivity has no boundaries around time and space. I think part of our purpose as empaths is to transmute the energy of fear, pain, etc, and sometimes that happens as a pre-emptive knowing of something. I’ve felt the truth of this both with Trump’s election and the Brexit vote. I was processing those before the results were announced.

The key is to not become attached to what you’re feeling or get trapped in analysis mode (says the woman with 7 planets in Virgo… ‘but I LOVE to analyse…’) And of course because we don’t always know what the event is, or that one is taking place/will take place, we assume it’s personal or related to something else in our lives. Keep asking ‘is this mine?’ and hold space for whatever answer arises.

Your sensitivity means you have immense empathy and compassion for others but when you’re overwhelmed, it can shut you down, too. Learning to use your sensitivity in healthy ways is a benefit for everyone. It means you can remain observant and allow the energy to be what it is without attaching effort to changing anything. You can trust that whatever aspect of you is dealing with the bigger picture is doing its thing.

Boundaries, as ever, are vital. Know where you end and where you begin so that you can remain calm and connected through whatever ensues.

Wishing you a beautiful and expansive day!

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3

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