Giving and Receiving

I’ve just had a deeper understanding around the idea that giving is a gift for the giver and the receiver. On an energetic level, when we give a gift, the gift for us is in receiving its reception. This happens on many levels of our being, and can be very subtle.

It happens without our conscious awareness – we CANNOT give without receiving. We CAN, however, manipulate this, and give in order to receive, which distorts the process by adding a subtle imbalance to it. This might happen if the giver is in a state of constriction or lack, feeling that their survival is at stake without the receiving of ____(whatever they seek)____. What this does is add value judgements of reciprocity or exchange to a naturally balanced state that is akin to symbiosis.

It also plays out in this way: if you are in a relationship or interaction where what you give is consistently rejected (even on subtle levels), you begin to shut down your capacity to receive. It feels like an imbalance of giving and receiving, because the reception of your giving is not felt by you in the moment of its offering.

Once you begin to close off that receptive channel, you block out all the good that’s coming to you, not just from the person or people you’ve been in relationship with. What this means is that our receptivity can be enhanced by giving, and it can be diminished by giving consistently to those who don’t honour our gifts.

And of course, this works both ways. If we are receiving gifts which we consistently don’t honour, others will stop giving, because they no longer feel the reception of our receiving. Once again, this comes down to alignment. Don’t keep trying to plant your precious seeds in infertile soil.

There is always someone, somewhere, who will receive them with open arms and a welcoming heart. Honour your own gifts as precious jewels, and treat them with respect.

If another’s gifts are not for you, thank them and move on. Trust that something more resonant will find you.

It is not judgement, but discernment and resonance that guide these decisions.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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