Healing and Addictions

There’s been a lot coming up for me around ways we soothe ourselves. Addictions are all designed to self-soothe.

Some behaviours we may not connect with addictions are also self-soothing mechanisms. Consciousness is really key – asking if the choice we’re making in this moment is really nourishing us, or if it’s instead distracting us from feeling something.

What also came up yesterday was that before (external) shifts, there are indicators of change that begin deep within. These can sometimes trigger the desire to soothe in some way, and again, being aware of what’s underneath the craving or need for a ‘hit’ is one way to ease into the change.

There’s nothing wrong with soothing yourself – it’s really vital as you’re healing. The challenge is when the soothing becomes addictive or habitual and simply serves to drive you into unconsciousness. If you can stay conscious through whatever is triggering the craving/desire, you can get clear on whether it is contributing to your overall well-being or keeping you from healing the wound-triggers.

Something else connected to this is that the soothing mechanisms often keep you tied to the same energetic imprint that you’re trying to heal. In other words, the very thing you seek comfort from is of the same vibration as the thing you’re wanting to leave behind. This is key in moving forward – making new choices wherever possible leads to increased consciousness which leads to better choices. A happy loop.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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