The Heart of Creation

It feels like this week’s New Moon has stirred up some powerful heart-aligning energy.

heart of creationThe origin of ALL is the Heart of Creation, and this speaks to the true source of our power. The HEART, not the BRAIN, of creation.

Our minds hold power, yes, and on purely physical terms, the heart would not beat if the brain stopped working. But without the heart, the brain is lonely and diminished and cold. It processes things in a linear, calculated way that keeps us separated from the truth of who we are – aspects of the one Heart.

Everything in existence is connected to and springs from this Heart, and everything is a reflection of it. The way to communicate and truly be heard is to speak through the power of our hearts, using the language of Love and authenticity.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable, to feel the power that life holds, flowing through and around you in every moment. It is no longer true that safety lies in disconnection, as if it ever was. That is part of the illusion. The heart holds the greatest wisdom and is asking to be heard. It’s time to step forward as warriors of truth and leaders with heart.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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