Heeding the Call

We are all called, in different ways, towards what our souls most need to grow.DSC_0226_Iván_Melenchón_Serrano_MorgueFile

Sometimes it’s a calling that takes us on a path towards our own destruction, only to be born again like the phoenix from the ashes. If it doesn’t destroy us in the pursuit of it, it may well destroy us through its denial.

We know, though, when it absolutely cannot be ignored. It’s as if everything else falls away into a fog of insignificance, things we used to enjoy become like fading memories.

The call gets louder, stronger and wilder. It latches onto our anger and our grief and rides them like wild ponies.

‘Hear me!’ it cries in the night when sleep eludes us. ‘Heed me!’ it screams when we set aside another dream in favour of security and comfort. ‘Follow me,’ it whispers in our dreams, leading us ever onwards into oblivion.

I was recently looking for a book to read, and happened upon The Alchemist, by Paolo Coelho. I know I’ve read it before, and enjoyed it, but somehow had forgotten it was about a pilgrimage, and a calling. I’ve always been one for reading the signs, and finding this book right now was like a flashing neon billboard in the desert.

There are so many brilliant reminders in there that were just what I needed to hear, so close to my own giant leap of faith. That challenges undoubtedly lie ahead, which we are given the tools to overcome as we need them; that sometimes time spent ‘languishing’ at an oasis is what we need to prepare ourselves for the final push towards The Pyramids, and the treasure; that the treasure may be right back where we started in the end, but if we’d missed the journey the gift would have not been appreciated; and so many more.

One of the things that spoke to me very clearly was when Santiago understood he needed to be silent. About a month ago I came to feel that my pilgrimage will be a silent one, and the need for silence is leading me towards a deeper sense of receptivity, trust and connectedness. Coelho describes it as listening to ‘the Language of the World.’

The language of the world is the voice of Source, the call we hear which speaks directly to our hearts if we would only be silent and listen. The constant mess of blah blah which can run through our minds on a daily basis is nothing more than others’ fears and projections, stories we tell ourselves to exist in this physical realm, or ways to avoid listening to our hearts.

Beneath it all beats the Heart of Creation, the source from which all things come. We connect through our pure and open hearts to this place. We have access to the unlimited potential that exists in each and every moment, if we choose to receive it. There is nothing that we can not do, know, create or be when we allow this energy to flow through us.

The Fool from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. Illustration by Pamela Colman Smith.

It brings to mind The Fool card of the tarot: the innocent sets off on a journey while paying no heed to potential pitfalls that lie ahead. There’s an enchantment, a childlike sense of trust and awe at what the world holds, while the fears we’ve entrained ourselves to believe through life’s challenges are put aside and given no power.

We all know, as we see the fool set off, that it will be a long journey, full of challenges, but he pays no heed to our warnings, walking in total faith that his connection to Spirit supports him.

Santiago the shepherd boy is that fool, the young, wild innocent who sets off from the safety of his flock to follow a dream. The road he takes is not straightforward, nor is it devoid of troubles, but it is perfect.

I am that fool; you are; we all are. The fool is the part of us that knows the calling cannot be ignored, and follows it wherever it may lead.

This is also connected to further accessing and exploring the Wild Feminine. There are aspects of the feminine that have been hidden from us for millennia, masked under distortions in the masculine that have taken centre stage.

The shift has removed the masks and once again we find ourselves moving towards a divine sense of freedom in our quest for sovereignty. The innocent, playful, receptive side of the feminine now usurps the selfless nurturer whose love holds little value in a commercial world.

The call is a call to a pilgrimage, whether literal or figurative. The journey may take us through loss and pain and to the darkest depths of our being, but ultimately it leads to the treasure we seek. The gifts we’ve hidden from ourselves which may be buried right where we started. If we hadn’t heeded the call, we would never have found them.

The key is to follow the signs. If we’re being asked to move on, we can trust it is time to leave the oasis and re-engage with our calling. Whatever remains is aligned with an open and trusting heart, and with Love. It could be that the treasure leads us back to the oasis to live out our days in joyful abandon.

The call is getting louder. I’m going to The Pyramids.

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3

2 Replies to “Heeding the Call”

  1. Thank you, I have been reading and researching, most likely guided. This resonates and affirms to me, it has been a year and a half, and at first was overwhelming, answers, a knowing, expanding the consciousness and within respect of the levels of consciousnesses of others, the balance, and especially my intuition.

    • Thank you, Eddy, for you comment.

      Definitely guided, it’s a knowing beyond rational explanation, a ‘rejoining’ of your essence to Oneness and increasing your connection with ALL. Keep heeding that call. It’ll take you to heights you’ve never imagined!

      Big Love,
      ~ Jenny <3

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