Honour your Process

Here’s a story about how my week went 🙂

There are a lot of changes happening, and lots of expansion. This is for me personally and as a collective. There’s also a big and beautiful Full Moon coming up this weekend, which is usually an extra-sensitive time for sensitive folks.

All week I felt a little unsettled. It wasn’t really clear what was going on but there needed to be a shift. I used to resist this stuff, but that got me nowhere, so I let it lead me to what I needed.

Wednesday afternoon, I knew I really needed to release something, so I looked through the available films here and it felt like War Horse was the one. As soon as the opening credits were rolling, I was bawling (good choice!) I had to stop the film half way through because I couldn’t see or hear it because of the sobbing.

A few hours later, I was totally exhausted and suddenly developed a migraine (I’ve never had one before, and it sucks!)

It was fascinating because in the midst of all the releasing and pain, I felt really calm. I wasn’t trying to question or judge the reasons for anything, I just let it all be. ‘Right now, I’m sobbing.’ ‘Right now, I’m feeling spent.’ ‘Right now, I’m in lots of pain.’

I realised in the midst of it, that this is what energy work is. It is allowing the energy to flow, through and out, and not attaching to it any limitations on its desire to express however it wants.

I didn’t try to make the tears about anything specific, or even question if they were about ‘me.’ I have no idea, and I didn’t feel sad or upset, I just felt the tears flowing. The headache was a physical response to a big release, I think, but again, I just listened to what it was telling me (sleep), and woke up 10 hours later fresh as a (slightly delicate) daisy.

It felt like a good reminder that we all work and use energy in ways that make sense to us. When I release through tears, I always experience great expansion. I love tears. I know that by experiencing big releases, I also contribute to collective expansion. I do it easily, joyfully and willingly.

So, I think the main point is not to get too attached to the fluffy bunny and angel feathers idea of healing, expansion and energy work. Lightworkers take many forms, use many tools and weave their magic in many ways. Honour your process and don’t let anyone tell you you’re doing it wrong if you’re not laughing 24/7.

Know your baseline (mine is joyful enchantment) and from there ALL things flow, even if they look the opposite to what you might expect.

Yay! Much Full Moon magic to you!!

Big Love,
~Jenny <3