Inner Child Wisdom

Here’s something cool from my inner child. I was chatting with her last night in the bath, and wondered if anyone had ever loved her enough to ‘die for her’ (including me). She said, ‘that’s bullshit.’

Suddenly I felt the message loud and clear: Love yourself enough to be willing to LIVE for you! Really Live, with a capital L, out loud and completely!

This gift of life we’ve been given is the most incredible gift imaginable, and the idea that it’s noble or an act of love to die for someone is part of the old distortions that we’re leaving behind. It’s not noble, and it’s not loving. It’s self-defeating because the real test is to thrive beyond the challenges and say, ‘check me out, I have overcome!’

Huge learning lies in living to the fullest of your capacity. The idea of dying for someone is tied to the old victim/martyr dynamic, and there’s no room for that in the new. Self-sacrifice is SO old paradigm. Ha ha!

The idea of ‘being of service’ is changing/has already changed; it’s not servitude in exchange for feeling beneficent or altruistic, it’s joyful expression of your truth as a service to ALL, including yourself. And you know what? Dying is easy. You get to return immediately to Source. Living is the real test. So be willing to Live for you. Your life is the example, and the legacy you leave to the world! YOWZA!

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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