Your Inner Child Loves You

celebrate, inner childYour Inner Child is the part of you that keeps you tapped into the magic in life.

She’ll be distracted by squirrels and kittens and butterflies in the middle of a supposedly serious moment.

He connects you with the joy, enchantment and mystery at all times, and reminds you to look at life with innocence and freshness.

She’ll show you the way to play when life feels challenging and stagnant, and demonstrate that a little mischief can lighten even the darkest moods.

Your Inner Child helps you pinpoint your desires and the things that make your heart sing. He also guides you to what doesn’t feel good, because it hurts or frightens him. She teaches you to use your heart as a measure of resonance, and to Trust, with a capital T. He is the part of you that cries when he’s hurt and laughs when he’s happy, and doesn’t think about shutting down those feelings. She’s the part that loves whole-heartedly, with the purity of her big, open heart.

Your Inner Child knows how to throw himself into things without the fear and resistance that comes of being hurt or feeling jaded. Like The Fool of the tarot, she keeps on trusting, loving and exploring; expecting that life will be wonderful and offer her goodness in return.

Your Inner Child will play until he falls into a sleepy, spent heap on the floor, ready for a new adventure tomorrow. She knows she’s beautiful, never questions it for a moment, and she expresses that beauty in incredible and creative ways.

Your Inner Child wants so much to be seen, heard and acknowledged. He’ll lash out in ‘bad’ behaviour when he’s ignored; distractions and addictions are just a couple of indications of his discord. She wants you to heed her calls for fun, joy and excitement. He wants you to follow your heart despite your own fears of pain and rejection. She wants you to be in harmony with the world around you, feeling whatever arises simply as a taste of what the world has to offer.

Your Inner Child doesn’t want you to wallow in self-hatred, blame, shame, self-pity or victimhood. These aren’t natural states of being for a child’s heart and soul. He wants you to seek out the bliss you sense and follow the path to expansion. She wants you to walk away from people and situations that feel abusive or wrong in any way, and trust that something (so much) better is being lined up for you.

Whatever you do to hurt yourself hurts your inner child. It’s like locking him in a dark closet where he can’t express himself or offer you his wisdom. Being disconnected from you is a sense of great frustration and anguish for your Inner Child. She wants to guide you, play with you, and feel the world through you. He’ll lead you on the path to your deepest healing and most powerful connections.

All she wants is for you to acknowledge her, and integrate her fabulous wisdom into your life. He’s known all the pain you’ve known, and is still eager to forgive and enjoy life. She understands deeply that love is a gift to be given, no matter whether it’s returned to you or not. The act of giving so freely comes from his innate connection with the Source of all things, which is pure Love.

Let her connect with you. Let him teach you. Allow her to Love you. Your life will change in miraculous ways.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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Here’s a message from my Facebook page:

(13 January, 2016) Here’s something cool from my inner child. I was chatting with her last night in the bath, and wondered if anyone had ever loved her enough to ‘die for her’ (including me). She said, ‘that’s bullshit.’

Suddenly I felt the message loud and clear: Love yourself enough to be willing to LIVE for you! Really Live, with a capital L, out loud and completely! This gift of life we’ve been given is the most incredible gift imaginable, and the idea that it’s noble or an act of love to die for someone is part of the old distortions that we’re leaving behind.

It’s not noble, and it’s not loving. It’s self-defeating because the real test is to thrive beyond the challenges and say, ‘check me out, I have overcome!’ Huge learning lies in living to the fullest of your capacity. The idea of dying for someone is tied to the old victim/martyr dynamic, and there’s no room for that in the new. Self-sacrifice is SO old paradigm. Ha ha!

The idea of ‘being of service’ is changing/has already changed; it’s not servitude in exchange for feeling beneficent or altruistic, it’s joyful expression of your truth as a service to ALL, including yourself. And you know what? Dying is easy. You get to return immediately to Source. Living is the real test. So be willing to Live for you. Your life is the example, and the legacy you leave to the world! YOWZA!

20 Replies to “Your Inner Child Loves You”

  1. I remember being awed the first time I came across the concept of our inner child. I had to grow up very fast and she was so hidden from my view. Fortunately, my professional career taught me about her but that was all cognitive. It took personal work to access her. She still is elusive, but I know she plays with me. I laugh out loud now more than I ever did as a child & there she is.

    • Thank you, Roslyn!

      I love how you’ve made that distinction between cognitive knowledge of the inner child and the personal work required to really access their wisdom. It’s so great to hear that you laugh regularly and feel that connection with her.

      I can relate to having to grow up fast, and didn’t really ‘meet’ my inner child until my late 30s. Since then I’ve been conscious of listening to her wisdom and honouring her needs as much as possible. I love her, and she helps keep me grounded 🙂

      Big Love,
      ~ Jenny

  2. A-ha, now I know who it is who follows the flight of the butterfly through the sky and loses the thread of conversations sometimes… Good to know I’m still in touch with her in some ways, as in other ways I feel like I don’t let her come out and play half enough. Loved both the main blog post and the excerpt from your Facebook page, especially what you said about the new paradigm and how “‘being of service’ is … joyful expression of your truth as a service to ALL, including yourself.” Yes, to that! That is what I want to live into more and more ♡

    • Thank you so much, Julia!

      Yes to joyful expression of your truth! Yes to letting your inner child out to play! Yes to being distracted by butterflies on a regular basis 🙂

      May you live into it gloriously, hand in hand with your inner child.

      Big Love,
      ~ Jenny

  3. I love the way you interchanged the he/she part of the Inner Child, Jenny, acknowledging our Yin and Yang energies.

    I see my Inner Child emerge every now and then when I am vexed at a situation and a funny thought comes to mind on how I can get retribution because it makes me laugh. Thank God Little Vatsala is there with me,. I’d be lost without her. 😉
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted…The most important question before launching your businessMy Profile

    • Thanks, Vatsala!

      I wanted to make sure I included both polarities of the inner child, and would have included more except that our language is limited to two options 🙂

      Little Vatsala sounds like a hoot to have around. I love that they can make us laugh and look at the world less seriously.

      Big Love,
      ~ Jenny

  4. Here’s to acknowledging and honouring the inner child in us all. What a lovely post to celebrate this often underrated core of us, the part of us where true love resides without judgement.

  5. Love that you acknowledged the masculine and feminine sides of our inner child, who is really our authentic self, as we all have components of both. I’d say that I have some work to do to allow my inner child more freedom of expression. I see how very early in my life, I must have withdrawn as a way to protect myself from the confusing circumstances. I appreciate reading how others are so in touch and allowing their inner child to speak and guide them. Wonderful post, Jenny! Thank you.
    Beverley Golden recently posted…Lessons My Father Taught MeMy Profile

    • Thank you, Beverley!

      I think most adults in our world have work to do in allowing our inner children more freedom of expression. It hurts sometimes to trust that innocence, because it is often the innocence we feel has caused us to be hurt. A Divine Catch-22. I listen as often as I can, because my inner child always shows me the way to joy.

      Thank you for your comment!

      Big Love,
      ~ Jenny

  6. Very sweet post. Our inner children are here to remind of us to love unconditionally and play (lil Natasha reminds me often to not take myself so seriously). May we all hear our delightful inner child.

    • Thanks for your comment, Sue!

      I love that you tap into your inner child and your mischief so easily and see them as part of your gift. I’m sure it opens space for others to connect with you more freely and authentically. I love a good bout of mischief!

      Big Love,
      ~ Jenny <3

  7. This post is so tender and true, Jenny. I love the he/she way you wrote it, and I especially connected to this: “Like The Fool of the tarot, she keeps on trusting, loving and exploring; expecting that life will be wonderful and offer her goodness in return.” That is who I am – the inner child I love and am finding my way back to! I am so glad you are publishing these oh-so personal posts under your own name. That just feels so right. xo, Reba

    • Thank you, Reba!

      I didn’t want to leave anyone’s inner child out, and saying they felt so impersonal. Our language doesn’t really allow for more gender-neutral personal options 🙂 I appreciate your comment and love that you are feeling so connected to your inner child. It is so vital to maintaining the pathway to your joy.

      Thank you also for your support as I publish these posts. It feels powerful to claim them and my authorship. I put a lot of myself into them.

      Big Love,
      ~ Jenny <3

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