Insights on Cheating

The insights for today are about cheating, and they’re kind of tied in to yesterday’s on deserving and entitlement. This seems to have been a prevalent energy for so many people lately, and is a part of the old, darker stuff that’s being cleared as we embody more and more light.

The energy of cheating in the 3rd Dimension has a couple of energetic barbs associated with it. Firstly, there are the associated assumptions of right and wrong. It is ‘wrong’ to cheat and therefore the one cheated on is ‘right.’ Ultimately these distinctions exist only within the (ego) understandings of separation that exist here in 3D.

From a multi-dimensional perspective, there is no right and wrong. Again, this doesn’t deny us responsibility for the actions we take in this dimension, but allows us the freedom to make choices from which we learn and grow. Part of the reason cheating feels so wrong is that it is most often done ‘in hiding,’ because if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be called cheating.

As we shift further into our multidimensionality, we are dropping more and more of our masks, and with them the shame we’ve felt as a collective. When we stop hiding, there will be no need to hide.

Another reason cheating feels wrong is that it is done from a perspective of entitlement, not deserving. We feel a connection with someone and from a perspective of lack justify our ‘deserving’ of such a connection by grasping for it immediately. This is not to say that the connection doesn’t truly exist, but to say that from a state of empowerment, security and self-love, the ego’s desire to ‘possess’ that connection is superseded by the acceptance of it as it IS, and not as it might be (if all the conditions were ‘perfect’).

Perhaps the connection is simply a catalyst to open us further to what’s possible, or what’s coming. The truth of the connection is eternal, and will exist if at some time in the future it is to be explored further.

The 3D construct of ‘relationship’ has distorted the truth of soul connections to make us believe that they must all end up in bed, or in some form of physical union. It comes back to remembering that we are in constant relationship with everything and everyone, and the choices we make affect the whole.

From a state of self-love, empowerment and a secure connection with Source, we don’t feel the desire to reach into others’ pockets/lives/relationships to fulfill our own needs. The ‘wrongness’ we feel in this dimension is always an opportunity for alignment.

As we move closer to wholeness, we find the desire to take indiscriminately (to fill the holes we perceive in ourselves) falls away, and is replaced by a calm, peaceful acceptance of every perfectly imperfect moment.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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