Intuitive Mentoring

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Welcome, soul explorer!

There’s a shift taking place that may feel like it has rocked the foundations of your world. You’re being called to something deeper, something primal within you that’s been buried for longer than you can remember.

This is happening on an individual and global level. We are all transforming, releasing ties to old structures that no longer serve a new way of being.

We are exploring the truth of our divinity while simultaneously experiencing being fully human. This is the way to inner and outer unity, through duality. It can feel unsettling.

My focus as an intuitive mentor is to offer clarity while holding space for you to access your inner knowing. Together we tap into the Heart of Creation and allow our souls to lead the way to solutions and transformation. From there, we can examine the structures at play in your life that are no longer serving your expansion. I can read between the lines of the energetic threads in your situation that have been leading to discordance.

My role is to aid you in the design of a life your soul yearns to embrace, to guide you to creating solutions to challenges you face, and to lead you towards a divine re-framing of your situation. Together we will imagine what the new version of you will be, achieve and enjoy.

If you feel, in a state of instability or confusion you have no power, the truth is your power lies in the ability to embrace those feelings of vulnerability and use the momentum you find in releasing the old to move forward into unknown, untapped potential.

In going through each new experience of change or letting go, you gain insight into what that powerful moment of transformation is teaching you. You move forward to the next lesson knowing that you’re never perfect, never finished, but instead a work in progress.

You allow yourself the freedom to make subsequent mistakes and gain a sense of presence in each encounter to identify how you might respond to it differently from the last time. And next time, you can respond differently again.

Every time you let go of one block or old belief, you enter the next cycle lighter, freer and more conscious of the world around you. You reawaken to the connections between you and the other beings that share our planet.

The memories of the things you hold in our mind, you also hold in your body and in your consciousness. You can acknowledge them and release them so that healing can begin.

Feedback for Intuitive Mentoring

 ‘Jenny is a natural coach. Her ability to see the big picture and provide insightful, thoughtful, and empathetic but firm guidance is an amazing gift. Jenny is able to get right down to the root of the matter — much like a psychologist — and this ability makes her an amazing guide. I am incredibly grateful for her clear-eyed view of the world, and her ability to synthesize diverse experiences into thoughtful, direct and meaningful advice. ~ Zoe T. (Professor, Warrioress)

 ‘Not only is Jenny blessed with the gift of insight and intuition, she is also gifted with the ability to take what you need to know and put it across to you in the most positive way. With Jenny’s help you will be nurtured and fully supported enabling you to continue on your life path; healing, growing, and realizing your full potential.’ ~ Marc Pieniazek (Wales)

What and When

These intuitive sessions will include plenty of play and laughter, tools to manage changes, establishment of goals/projects, exploration of themes that arise, and more. I am here to guide and facilitate the conversations with an open mind and heart.

My area of expertise lies in creating expansive life changes (switching careers, moving to a new country, leaving a dysfunctional relationship or workplace, starting businesses or supporting those in transition). I am able to both see the broader vision and hone in on details and practicalities to take the first steps towards change.

I will hold you accountable to your choices and keep the inspiration for the change at the heart of our sessions, proviing support to stay focussed. The guidance I give is honest, gentle and clear. In turn, I will show up in a state of openness and take resonsibility for my energy and insights.

Each session is 60-70 minutes long and will vary in structure and content according to what the energy suggests. An initial commitment of five sessions gives us time to work through the initial blocks and design the plan for the changes you want to create. There will be ‘homework’ and exercises after each session. The cost for this initial commitment is £350 GBP. Please contact me below.

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